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Aksharaslokam Vyloppilly Samskruthi Bhavan is hosting its monthly 'Aksharaslokasadassu' programme on its premises. Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan, situated in Thiruvananthapuram is a Multi Purpose Cultural Complex (MPCC) functioning as a cultural institution under the Department of Culture, Government of Kerala. Founded as a research, documentation, performance and preservation center of cultural traditions and art forms of Kerala, this traditional building houses the personal belongings of the great Malayalam poet, the late Vyloppilly Sreedhara Menon.
Posted By : Yentha, On Jul 21, 2016 04:52:35 PM
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had a chance to taste beegum's biriyani,100% home made.really delicious.
Binu, on Jun 22, 2014 10:57:33 PM
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