Vishal Bhardwaj: Attacks On Theatres Unwarranted
An inspiring incident opened his eyes towards the terrors of the border line | By Yentha
On Jan 11, 2015


Trivandrum: Protesters need to find a different target than the local theatres. Every protest has its way and it needs to be directed towards the right people said music composer turned director Vishal Bhardwaj. He was speaking on the occasion of the convocation ceremony of the L V Prasad Film and TV academy at the KINFRA campus.


His popular movie Haider was screened before the ceremony. Haider, according to Vishal, is a story of human conflicts rather than a shootout in Kashmir. Initially he said he had espionage as a theme in mind and had no intention to do a movie based on the Kashmir issue.


Later, an inspiring incident turned him to the book ‘Curfewed Night’ which opened his eyes towards the terrors of the border line. With a musical understanding to film sensibility the background score came naturally to the director.


"I take music for granted. I don’t do any homework on it." Music has its own language and it can penetrate any linguistic film barrier, he added.


Vishal Bhardwaj believes in an upside down method of script making.  "Script is to be written from bottom to top, and scenes should be intact with one another perfectly together," he added. He even changed the climax to fit a suitable ending due to the sensitivity of the Kashmir conflicts. Shakespeare, although had a personal influence on the director’s life, he didn’t persist on the crew members to have a full knowledge of the text.

Later, three short films made by the film graduates of the LV Prasad Film and TV academy PRATHIBIMBAM (The reflection), ARDHAVIRAMAM (Semicolon), MADAKKAM (Homecoming) were screened.

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