Stop Diarrhoea Launched By RB And Save The Children
Each year 567,000 children under five years of age die from diarrhoea around the world, equivalent to 64 children every hour | By Yentha
On Mar 27, 2015

Kochi: The global partnership between RB and Save the Children has launched a unique and ground-breaking programme to help eradicate child deaths from diarrhoea in India.

Each year 567,000 children under five years of age die from diarrhoea around the world, equivalent to 64 children every hour. In India 123, 668 children alone die every year due to the illness, the highest death rate in the world and it is estimated that 48% of Indian children below the age of five years are stunted, with diarrhoea being one of the main causes.

Thomas Chandy, Chief Executive of Save the Children India, said: “The partnership aims to develop and sustain hygiene behaviours in Indian communities, will which help reduce the devastating number of children dying each year in India due to diarrhoea.”

The innovative and sustainable 'Stop Diarrhoea' programme launched by Save the Children in India, Pakistan and Nigeria is aimed at preventing, controlling and treating the killer ailment. Funded by RB, the Stop Diarrhoea programme, will for the first time fully implement the World Health Organisation and UNICEF 7-point plan to ensure comprehensive diarrhoea control. The partnership also unveiled two innovative new hygiene and sanitation products by RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) alongside the programme.

Nitish Kapoor, Chief Executive of RB India, said: “We believe that together RB and Save the Children can make a critical step towards a better understanding of water, hygiene and sanitation, which in turn will help reduce the number of children dying from diarrhoea in India.”

To improve hand washing and community sanitation, RB and 19 of their suppliers (who volunteered their time) have developed two unique products that are completely new to market.

The products include an affordable germ protection bar that can be used by families for cleaning, washing hands and body (including children from the age of one).  Two years in the making, the second is a ‘game-changing’ toilet powder has also been created to reduce the spread of infection from pit latrines. The powder deters flies, reduces faeces and has a pleasant fragrance all to make the pit latrines more hygienic and encourage communities to use the pit latrines versus defecating in public areas.

RB will not be making a profit from these products and the revenue will be reinvested into the Stop Diarrhoea programme and fighting diarrhoea. They will also be produced locally, encouraging entrepreneurship, in addition to reducing the overall carbon footprint and transport costs associated with their manufacture.

The two unique products are major breakthroughs in science and technology to target specific issues and save lives. Both products have been created to be affordable for consumers who have not traditionally been able to afford personal and home hygiene products.

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