Pettah, Patoor: Standing In Way Of Four Lane Stretch
The widened four-lane road from Thampanoor to the NH by-pass is expected to be completed in the near future, except for Patoor and Pettah junctions | By Yentha
On Feb 25, 2012




Trivandrum: Ideally, long distance bus services, especially the private operators, should now be finding it easy to get out of the city, as the road from Thampanoor will take you via the Bakery Junction flyover, through the Palayam underpass, towards General Hospital Junction, Patoor, Pettah and onto Chakka on the NH Bypass. Work on widening the entire stretch to four lanes is nearing completion, with some work pending in the Panavila - Thampanoor stretch.

However the completion of this two kilometer stretch is unlikely to make for a complete transformation of the nearly 12 kilometers from Thampanoor-NH by-pass since two places will continue to clog down the smooth flow of traffic - Pettah and Patoor.




At Pettah, it is the delay in beginning the construction work of the rail overbridge that hinders the road widening. The current condition of the Pettah Junction is chaotic to say the least, with a highly disorganised traffic flow, which ends in a jam every now and then. But that issue is soon set to be resolved, according to Anil Kumar Pandala, Chief Engineer, Trivandrum Road Development Company Ltd (TRDCL).

“The road work in the junction would be completed within ten days. It would take another month and a half to study the flow of traffic and its streamlining before we can design and install the traffic lights,” he said, while speaking to Yentha.

However, the matter would remain unresolved until a new rail overbridge is built parallel to the existing one, over the Pettah railway station.

“The railways are yet to give clearance for us to start with the work. And it would take six months for the work to be completed and open to traffic. The good news is that the clearance is expected to be obtained within a fortnight,” says Anil Kumar Pandala.

While its the bridge that causing the trouble at Pettah junction, at Patoor, about a kilometer away from Pettah, it is the resting place of the dead that's causing the turmoil. The smooth drive down the General Hospital Junction towards the Patoor junction suddenly turns into a narrow, potholed, sharp turn around the St. Joseph Church cemetery. The land from the cemetery is yet to be made available for the road widening process.



“The court has passed a stay order on the acquisition process following the petitions filed against it. The Corporation is yet to come up with a decision on the matter and it is hard to presume that they are going to, anytime in the near future. It could be some time before the work on the Patoor road gets completed,” says Madhavan Pillai, Project Manager, Kerala Road Fund Board.




It can only be concluded that a chance for a motorist to take the smooth and hassle free drive from Thampanoor to the National Highway by–pass will get postponed to at least the end of this year.

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