National Games 2015: Yunnus Upto The Catering Challenges
The food supplied to the delegates and sportspeople is tested at every stage | By Akhil Rajarathinam
On Feb 03, 2015


Trivandrum: One of the major challenges for the conduct of such a big event like the National Games is to satisfy all the guests at the event - especially true in the case of food. The catering committee here at the 35th National Games is trying its best to give the best.

Almost 25,000 people, including 11,000 sportsmen are catered to every day. Here, at the Games Village in Menamkulam itself 8,000 people are fed daily.

Yentha spoke to Adv. Yunnus Kunju M, former Additional Director, Tourism Dept. who is in charge of catering at the Games Village. He spoke about the arrangements they have made. Being a food expert and a graduate from the famous Bombay Catering Institute, he said, “We, not only need to handle a huge quantity but also come across a variety of dishes, since we have people from all parts of the country. Each day’s menu will be different from the previous one. We also ensure that there is no shortage of food and there is unlimited supply all through the day.”

"We have a food committee, headed by Minister Anoop Jacob, which includes dietitians, food safety officers and experts from the Government Analyst Lab. Whatever we supply, is being tested, at every stage of preparation. There is also a food analysis lab at the Games Village," adds Yunnus.

The kitchen at the Games Village is open all day, and they will serve to all those who are at the venue.

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