National Games 2015: Simple Steps To Keep Games Green
Ban of plastic and disposable materials saves 3000 tonnes of waste | Akhil Rajarathinam
On Feb 05, 2015

Trivandrum: One of the highlights in the 35th National Games is the Green Protocol that has been adopted by the Games. Around 700 Suchitwa Mission volunteers have been deployed for the disposal of the waste created. It is also learnt that these volunteers have the additional responsibility of spreading awareness on the green initiatives.

Dr. Manoj, head of Pelican Foundation, an NGO working with research in biotechnology and sustainable process, and JEC of the National Games Green Protocol said that, through this Games, Kerala will be giving a message to the whole country.

“The 35th National Games will be devoid of bottled water and other plastic products after we implemented the ban of plastic and disposable materials at the venues. This has reduced the waste to a huge extent. Without this concept, the committee expected a total of 3000 tonnes of waste from the venues. But, Suchitwa Mission, headed by Dr. M Vasuki proposed the idea of ‘zero-waste campaign’ for clean and green Games discarding the use of all disposable items during the games,” said Dr. Manoj while speaking to Yentha.


“We wanted to go back to a green environment which was here 20 years back. The green protocol committee has decided to avoid disposable materials and provide alternatives including steel glasses, tumblers and ceramic plates. Also, the athletes will be provided a free steel flask to collect water. This will replace the 6-8 bottle water bottles per person, otherwise required, ” added Manoj.

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Is it actually working in action ? Have you checked ? What about other waste - sewage, medical , e waste etc ?
Asha Gopinathan , on Feb 07, 2015 09:01:10 AM
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