National Awards 2011 – No Kerala, Only Vidya
Malayalam films fail to find a mention in the awards section headlined by Vidya Balan winning her first National Award for her portrayal of 'Reshma', in the movie 'Dirty Picture' | By Yentha
On Mar 07, 2012

“I would be surprised if I don't get unbelievable critical acclaim for 'Dirty Picture' and a National Award for my actress Vidya Balan...” so spoke producer Ekta Kapoor on 'Dirty Picture' before the film was even released. Upon release the movie had indeed received much acclaim, critical and general and now Vidya Balan has been chosen as the best actress for her portrayal of the rebellious Reshma/Silk at the 2011 National Awards.


 “This is unbelievable... it is the biggest honour of the country... it is special,” was what the actor had to say about her achievement.



Girish Kulkarni (Image Courtesy:


'Deool', a film focusing on the present situation of Indian villages since the dawn of globalization, won the award for the Best Film, along with the first ever Byari language film 'Byari', directed by K P Suveeran. Girish Kulkarni, who essayed the role of 'Keshya' in 'Deool' was adjudged the Best Actor. Punjabi director Gurvinder Singh won the Best Director award for his film 'Anhe Ghorey Da Daan'. The Salman Khan produced children's film 'Chillar Party' directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl, won the award for the Best Children's Film.


Partho Gupthe, son of writer/director Amole Gupthe, who had directed and produced the children's film 'Stanley Ka Dabba', won the Best Child Artist award, along with the child artists of 'Chillar Party'. Tamil film 'Aranyakandam', directed by Kumararaja Tiyagarajan, won the Indira Gandhi award for the Best Debut film. Praveen K L and N B Srikanth shared the award for Best Editing for their work in 'Aranyakandam'.



Vikas Behl and Nitesh Tiwari shared the award for the Best Screenplay for their film 'Stanley Ka Dabba'. Shah Rukh Khan's 'RA.One' won an award for Best Special Effects. Ashvin Kumar's 'Inshallah' on football and Arun Chanda's 'Mindscape' on the intimacy needs of the differently enabled were named the Best Film On Social Issues.



Malayalam films failed to find a mention in the list in spite of the recent signs of resurgence in the industry.




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No Kerala? What do even mean by that? Vidya Balan has her roots in our land. Suveeran , the director of Byari, who won the award for the best film of 2012 is also from Kerala. You have not even mentioned about director Ranjith who won the award for best film in Malayalam category. Actress Mallika, again a Keralite received special mention for her role in Byari. Contrary to what you have written, film makers and artists from Kerala had a noteworthy presence at the National Film Awards this year. A small tip for the reporter: at least read a newspaper daily.
Vijayakumar, Kochi , on Mar 09, 2012 12:41:29 PM
what was malayalam film industry doing last year ??? half of the year passed with strikes of various associations of actors, film makers, technicions and even by the thearet owners too, other half was full of ban's, ban against thilakan, ban against nithya menon etc etc....and inbetween some films got realeased and thoise were horrible and miscerably failed to attract the crowd to theater...and now we are claiming national awards others claimed by producing the root links of them with malayalam......!!!!pathetic to even think like this.......remember previosly we used to bag awards for various category and the next day daily's will enjoy it by putting their interviews and all.but now we need to read that os our neighbours...and by god sake Vidya balan said "we malayalis" but that too in english. Dear malayalam cinema this is the time for you to realize where you are now, even Tamil films are getting awards now with experiments what are we doing here with ban strike and all that? and one firend has commented here before said that the reporter failed to mention the name of direstor renjith who got the awardfor best malayalam film...!!! dont you see it is funny?? best malayalam film will be awarded to malayalam only how can some one give best malayalam film award to a hindi film!!!! please read what you have typed before posting it....
Joshy Wills, on Mar 10, 2012 06:50:45 PM
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