Kochi Metro To Be Women-Friendly
A first in India; sophisticated systems are being schemed to ensure safe mobility for women, children & differently-abled | by Yentha
On Dec 19, 2014

Kochi: Kochi metro will be the first in India to have a women friendly metro system. Right from job opportunities to safety measures special consideration will be given to women, according to the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL).

Several plans are being made to make Kochi Metro a safe haven for women passengers. Sophisticated systems are being put into place to ensure safe mobility for women, children and the differently-abled. All the stations of Kochi Metro would be installed with cameras. On an average 40 cameras would be deployed in each station. Different types of cameras would be fixed as per the requirement of each station.

‘Harass Map’, a mobile phone and internet based initiative, is being used to map the incidence of sexual harassment in public transport in many cities. Along similar lines a GPS-oriented mobility app for women will be developed to help locate their position in coaches and stations. It could be used as an alert call/SMS system, in case of emergency.

Natural surveillance would be enhanced by having ample lighting across the network. Metro stations and platforms would be well-lit to increase visibility and thereby decrease fear among citizens.

The safety of women, children and the differently-abled is important for group transportation, where a large number of unrelated people travel together over near-constant duration over a period. According to KMRL’s official blog, Kochi metro will make safety procedures considerably accessible and security personnel, approachable.

KMRL is also planning to include women in most of the job posts. For jobs like customer relations, lift maintenance, plumbing, electrical security, coach and station cleaning, women will get consideration. Station cleaning, cafeteria management and taxi-services duties will be given to women-centric agencies.

All these are in the right direction and one should congratulate the people behind these. Kudos to KMRL!
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