Just 19 Toilets In 100 Wards- RTI Query Reveals
At a time when everyone is caught up discussing big projects, Yentha takes a look at the basic ground level needs of a citizen | Ajay S Kumar
On Dec 09, 2014


Trivandrum: The city’s corporation operates 19 toilets in its 100 wards. This shocking fact was revealed in a statement from the Corporation in response to an RTI query this Yentha reporter filed. Here we are not sure how many of these 19 are functional!

The wards that have a toilet are Palayam, Karamana, Poojapura, Punthura, Kowdiar, Manacaud, Thirumala, Thycaud, Vallakadavu while Chenthitha, Chalai and Fort have more than 1 toilet. Of course there are toilets run by other agencies in the city but then these are few and far between.

What’s even more shocking is that the corporation maintains a public comfort station under the Ulloor zone but there is a caveat that says that the toilet does not even have a single worker to clean it. The RTI query also reveals that the city corporation does not own a single comfort station or toilets in the fast developing wards under Nemom, Attripra, Thiruvallam zones.

The fact remains that the functional toilets run by the corporation is that many are situated in unnoticed places and thus non-usable one for the larger public. While talking to Yentha, Asha, a school student studying in one of the leading schools in the city said, “Many toilets in the city (owned by the corporation) are located at places which is far from where the public congregate whereas in the case of toilets maintained by other agencies like the e-toilets they are placed where everyone notices when we enter and thus we are a bit skeptical about using them.”

According to the Corporation Health Standing Committee Chairman while responding to queries from Yentha said, “We have plans to start five to six toilets in the city and will also bring a change to the existing ones.”

It’s a shocking fact that less than 20% of the wards in the city have toilets that the corporation runs. With daily more and more people coming to capital city for various needs it is now the responsibility of the corporation to own more toilets so as to help the tourist as well as the residents in the city.

When the state talks about the grandest shopping festivals and the city boasts about the best film festival in the country and now that the state is gearing for the National Games, where do you think people go for their basic comforts? When big projects like the light metro are being discussed every day how come basic needs are being ignored? Basic questions seem to have no answers.

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Good story...Congrats to Ajay S Kumar and Team Yentha
Vishnu, on Dec 11, 2014 10:53:33 PM
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