IFFK 2014: Quick Takes: Clash Inside Sree Theatre
All the President’s men and supporters showed what that movie meant to them | Akhil Rajarathinam
On Dec 17, 2014


Trivandrum: The delegates who came to see the film "The President" clashed with each other as a few of the delegates who had watched the previous screening refused to leave the theatre!

The delegates who came after standing for hours in serpentine queues saw delegates already seated, which accelerated the problems. The delegates went up to the screen and blocked. Some of them even blocked the projector.

The problem ended when the Academy Chairman and other officials promised to provide another special screening for the movie again.

A similar incident happened in New theatre for the screening of the movie "Tribe". The small theatre couldn’t accommodate everyone. Finally Policemen  came to calm down the situation. The film was screened with open doors!

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