IFFK 2014: Is IFFK A Venue For Protests?
It seems more like a venue for protests rather than films; Decision to be taken in the festival's larger interest | By Yentha
On Dec 17, 2014


Trivandrum: As the 19th International Film Festival of Kerala enters its final phase, IFFK has become a venue for protests rather than films.

The main venue of the festival, Kairali complex, witnessed a number of protests since the first day, first show. While some of them had an unofficial permission, many ended up in chaos. Delegates, who waited hours were the audience for many of the protests.

Noted ones among the protests were the one in solidarity with the “Adivasi Nilppu Samaram” which ended up calmly as the protest comprised slogans, folk songs and street plays.

A group by social media and NGOs conducted 'Kiss of Love' protest at the Kairali theatre complex which went a bit out of hand. The police had to come in and calm down the situation.

The Subtitle protest was another. One wherein protesters raised slogans demanding subtitle in Malayalam for all language movies.

Then there were a few protests both by delegates and by renowned personalities especially regarding the reservation system and film screening issues. Well to the first festival visitor, this clearly sends him a message. When you are not watching a film, the best seat in IFFK is at Kairali - watching a protest is fun in itself.

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However the larger issue is whether we are taking this protest route a bit too far. That's something the officials need to think about. And a decision has to be taken which have to be in the festival's larger interest. Whether that will have a protest is anyone's guess.

Viva the festival and its spirit!
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