IFFK 2014: HEAVE HO... IFFK. May The Best Man Win!
Yentha reports on the collapse of the online reservation system | Dr. Abraham K. George
On Dec 13, 2014


Trivandrum: With the new online reservation system taking a beating, it's back to the dark ages for the 19th edition of the IFFK. It's like the late 80's and early 90's. Nothing nostalgic about it though. If you want to watch a film, you go and stand in a queue and wait patiently, then pray fervently for atleast a seat on the carpeted floor of the theatre. No more fiddling with technology, no more worrying about your smartphone battery, and no more nonchalant strolling from one theatre to another.

The wall finally came crashing down today morning. The many who had turned up for the first viewing of the day were in for a rude shock when they were told that their reserved tickets were no good. From today, seating would be on a first-come-first-served basis. A good number of delegates were forced to watch other films instead.

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One is left wondering what was wrong with the earlier system in use during the last couple of years. You could access the webpage on your phone, if needed; and booking for your films was a relatively easy affair. A delegate could even use SMS to reserve his seat. And, of course, knowledge of English language was not a prerequisite!

Why did the current IFFK organisers do away with a good thing? What exactly was the reason to shift to a newer platform? Yentha, as well as the delegates, await the answers to these questions. Meanwhile, don't forget to queue up!!!

One quick click:- Yentha's complete coverage of IFFK 2014

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