IFFK 2014: Festival Autos Missing
The number of festival autos have dwindled leaving many festival regulars grumbling | Akhil Rajarathinam
On Dec 18, 2014


Trivandrum: Although the number of delegates has increased considerably, the festival autos for the delegates were almost absent this edition. This has clearly affected those delegates who required to move between theatres, even though most of the cinema halls were in close proximity.

Rahul, an engineering student and festival regular from Kottayam while speaking to Yentha said that for people like him, who come from outside Trivandrum, these services were a blessing. “But now, it’s really hard to get an auto in time,” he added.

Yentha learnt that it was only after someone told the festival authorities about the difficulties that more autos were introduced. But still, compared to almost 30 auto rickshaws last year, there were far lesser autos this time around.

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Auto rickshaw drivers are paid a fixed amount of Rs.1,100 per day by the IFFK authorities, which is decent income and does not affect their income in any way. But then they are not a happy lot. “We hardly get time to take rest of have food. It’s a restless job. The schedule is almost by heart for us. Even between the shows, we need to run. Anyway we are happy to provide the service. This time, they are not providing the free meal,” said Biju, one of the auto drivers. Another thing missing in this festival are the She Taxis - which was introduced in grand fan fare during the last edition.
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