Fake Placement Offers In Technopark
Job seekers to verify legitimacy by contacting the company directly for details | By Yentha
On Feb 18, 2015

Trivandrum: The authorities at Technopark have urged citizens to be on the alert after it emerged that some fraudsters have been claiming to offer training and 100% placements for job aspirants in companies at the IT Park.

The caution comes in the wake of complaints from job seekers and their parents who have lost money after responding to fake advertisements in various publications promising jobs in companies.

Technopark has informed that it allocates spaces in the park only for legitimately operating IT/ITES companies. As per the contract signed with these firms, they cannot offer training for money. Any training of employees in IT or other areas must only be to meet the firm’s own skill and resource requirements.

Any company that has offered to train people for money or promised 100% job placements as a follow-up to the training has violated the terms of the agreement. Technopark has pledged to tighten the restriction and improve monitoring to tackle fraudulent businesses.

It is also noted that some groups or individuals with vested interests have been using these isolated incidents to defame Technopark and the legitimately operating businesses here. Authorities have urged job seekers to verify the legitimacy of claims in advertisements by contacting the company directly for details regarding the work, salary and the terms of the contract.
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