Dark New Year At Shanghumukham
High Masts out of work for months; Is anyone listening? | Text and photo: Akhil Rajarathinam
On Jan 02, 2015
Trivandrum: While the world watched in awe the celebrations at Burj Khalifa, here in Shanghumukham we couldn't even provide basic lighting for our citizens to enjoy a quiet New Year at the beach!

The New Year eve at Shanghumukham beach turned to be a dark affair. The visitors who came here to enjoy the last day of the year were greeted by a pall of darkness that they left soon after. The beach was a lonely place unlike earlier New Year eves.

In fact people had come in early. They left since the high mast lights just refused to light up. Three of the high mast lights were not functioning for the last three months and two of them went out recently.

Shanghumukham beach is a hangout place for thousands of citizens especially those who cannot afford expensive hotels and also those who like to spend a quiet New Year eve.




Needless to say, the Corporation ought to act immediately and take necessary steps. Hey, we are not talking about 70,000 LED lights but just 70 working ones!

Yentha Stories on the beach:

Deputy Mayor Acts

Corporation Promises

Are we waiting for a disaster?


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PREMCHAND.V, on Jan 19, 2015 03:19:56 PM
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