Corporation Gears To Take Down Illegal Flex Boards
Still, no word on what to be done with 'legal' ones, nor on how to dispose them | By Yentha
On Oct 26, 2015


Trivandrum: As the local body elections inch closer, flex boards of prominent candidates are everywhere. Even though State Election Commission had advised the parties to refrain from using flex boards during poll campaigning, one look at any major street or junction within the city is enough for the layman to conclude that the advisory has been ignored for the sake of publicity.
However the Corporation is gearing up to tackle the situation.

“We have formed special squads and soon they would be taking down illegal flex boards from public spaces,” an official said to Yentha.
But the term ‘illegal’ is a bit tricky…

“We can’t take out the flex boards of candidates that has been put up,” the official said, “At least not till the elections are over. For that the initiative has to come from Collector’s office. We would be removing those that has been fixed on posts and railings, obstructing the view of commuters.


When contacted the Collector’s office too expressed their helplessness regarding the so called ‘legal’ ones.

“We can’t do anything as of now. Only way is to wait till the elections get over,” an official in the Collector’s office said.
Another question that evaded a clear reply was about the disposal of these flex boards. While it was ‘advised’ to use less harmful materials like cloth for making the boards, the campaigners, most of them, obviously have other ideas.

While the campaign for the election to the Corporation revolves around city’s waste problems and health sector, post elections, those problems are guaranteed to remain more or less the same, even with a new Mayor and a host of new councilors.

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