Bands Worried Over HC Gag On Campus Festivities
In the name of enforcing discipline, HC has given a critical jolt to survival of smaller band groups | By Yentha
On Oct 26, 2015


Trivandrum: While the HC verdict restricting campus festivities is being see as a step in the right direction for upholding discipline and safety of students, it has come as a jolt to bands for whom such festivities were a means to not only perform but to earn a revenue as well.  Many of the event management companies have already cancelled booked shows of various bands in the city.

“We had one of our shows cancelled the previous day following the HC order,” said Arun Kumar, drummer for the band group ‘Saptak’.

“While we understand the need to maintain discipline during festivities, a blanket ban on teams from outside performing in the campuses is unfortunate. If there were enough space and venues available for us as viable alternatives the situation would have been different, but so far as Kerala is concerned that’s not the case,” he added.

The availability of open space for holding live performances is limited in Kerala. In metros, such bands can always turn to pubs or high end hotels to ‘strike a chord’, but such options are limited here.


“Even here, in cities, the situation may not turn that drastic. The colleges are willing to hold function in open spaces outside the campuses in which cases we can still perform. But the real problem arises for colleges situated in rural areas like Wayanad and Idukki,” said Yakzan Gary Periera, Keyboardist of 'Vidwan'.

Even if the colleges are willing to hold functions outside the campus, the limit put up on the maximum amount that could be spent for conducting such festivities will also have an adverse impact on the revenue of these bands.

“Is it a jolt on our livelihood, it definitely is,” said Yakzan.


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