Top Ten Books This Week - February 02, 2015
Top fiction and non-fiction works of this week.
On Feb 02, 2015

Non Fiction

1.Joseph A.Maciariello :A Year with Peter Drucker: 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness:Rs 599.00

In A Year with Peter Drucker, Joseph A. Maciariello has distilled the essence of Drucker's personal mentorship program into an easy to follow 52 week course, complete with neverbefore published material from Drucker and excerpts, analysis and suggestions for further reading. Each week contains a lesson, message or anecdote taken from Drucker's extensive body of published and unpublished work,moving from theme to theme throughout the year. The week then includes further reading on the subject, deep reflection questions and a few quick prompts to help readers incorporate the message into the day's work. Maciariello is the perfect person to bring this project together with the scope and accessibility it requires. He worked extensively with Drucker,revising his major works and cowriting The Effective Executive in Action and The Daily Drucker. A Year with Peter Drucker gives both lifelong Drucker fans and young executives finding him for the first time the best opportunity yet to take just a tiny bit of time out of their weekly schedule and spend a year learning everything Drucker.

2.Kanti Gopal Kovvali :Pit Stops  for Peak Performance :The Pit Stop formula for Managers to Achieve Effortless High Performance :Rs 350.00

The workplace is analogous to the Formula One races. Only the best can qualify and they need to have the guts to pursue their dreams, need to be fit to keep the pace and have to work together with a large team doing what they do best. Although all the teams have the best of the best, only some win time and again. In this book, the author stresses on how pit stops are pivotal to successes. Even in the corporate world, timed smart stops are essential to the pace, and help develop cut-throat paces which other organizations will envy. In scenarios where disproportionate work is the norm, market behavior is iffy, and the team is almost always on instantaneous fire-fighting mode, then this model for success is the model for you. Careful strategic pauses in progress do not hinder progress, in fact they will accelerate it and keep the players interested in the game. This book reveals all and shows how this model can be used to push the throttle further on the corporate race. Seat-belts, however, aren't included in this package.

3.Mihir S Sharma :Restart :The Last Chance for the Indian Economy :Rs 599.00

Farms, not factories.When industry is the path to prosperity.Ancient, archaic laws.When the majority of Indians are less than 25 years old.Armies of unemployed.When companies are hunting for skilled workers.Half-built highways.When its people dream of speed.Indias problems can seem overwhelming. But solutions exist.In Restart, Mihir S. Sharma shows what can and must change in India's policies, its administration and even its attitudes. The answers he provides are not obvious. Nor are they all comforting or conventional. Yet they could, in less time than you can imagine, unleash the creativity of a billion hopeful Indians.

4.Lynda Gratton:The Key: How Corporations Succeed by Solving the World's Toughest Problems:Rs 399.00

In The Key, Gratton maps out how bringing resilience to a fragile world starts with what happens inside a corporation—when intelligence and wisdom are amplified, emotional vitality enhanced, and social connections harnessed. She explains how corporations can leverage this inner resilience to help solve global problems and how a corporation’s unique innovative, scaling and mobilizing, and alliance building capabilities—are some of the tools for combating global ills.Both realistic and optimistic, The Key is a practical guide that provides the rationale, strategies, and tools you need to not only spearhead resilience for your own company but also how to use this resilience to contribute to the betterment of the world. Building on her unique research base, Gratton provides insights from more than 20 companies from across the world including Vodafone, Unilever, Tata Consulting Services, and Natura to illustrate the very real benefits of aligning organizational interests with those of the world.“To create a good future,” Gratton writes, “it is crucial that those who lead corporations become increasingly transparent about their actions and intentions and see themselves as part of the wider world they inhabit.”The world’s business leaders must make a decision: Either connect your company’s interests with those of the world at large—or watch these separate interests crash into each other. You have the resources to save the world. Gratton provides The Key.

5.Alice Roberts :The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being :Evolution and the Making of Us :Rs 1199.00

The presenter of the BBC's The Incredible Human Journey gives us a new and highly accessible look at our own bodies, allowing us to understand how we develop as an embryo, from a single egg into a complex body, and how our embryos contain echoes of our evolutionary past.Bringing together the latest scientific discoveries, Professor Alice Roberts illustrates that evolution has made something which is far from perfect. Our bodies are a quirky mix of new and old, with strokes of genius alongside glitches and imperfections which are all inherited from distant ancestors. Our development and evolutionary past explains why, as embryos, we have what look like gills, and as adults we suffer from back pain.This is a tale of discovery, not only exploring why and how we have developed as we have, but also looking at the history of our anatomical understanding. It combines the remarkable skills and qualifications Alice Roberts has as a doctor, anatomist, osteoarchaeologist and writer. Above all, she has a rare ability to make science accessible, relevant and interesting to mainstream audiences and readers.


1. Faye Kellerman:Murder 101:Rs 520.00

New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman's beloved Decker and Lazarus embark on a new life in upstate New York—and find themselves entangled in deception, intrigue, and murder in an elite, picturesque college town.As a detective lieutenant with the LAPD, Peter Decker witnessed enough ugliness and chaos for a lifetime. Now he and his spirited wife, Rina Lazarus, are ready to enjoy the quiet beauty of upstate New York, where they can be closer to their four adult children, grandchildren, and their foster son, Gabe.But working for the Greenbury Police Department isn't as fulfilling as Decker hoped. While Rina has adapted beautifully to their new surroundings, Decker is underwhelmed and frustrated by his new partner, Tyler McAdams, a former Harvard student and young buck with a bad attitude. Just when he thinks he's made a mistake, Decker is called to an actual crime—a possible break-in at the local cemetery.The call seems like a false alarm until it's discovered that a mausoleum's stunning Tiffany panels have been replaced by forgeries. Soon the case escalates into murder: a co-ed at an exclusive consortium of liberal-arts colleges is brutally slaughtered. Poking into the hallowed halls of academia to find a killer, Decker and McAdams are drawn deep into a web of nasty secrets, cold-case crimes, international intrigue, and ruthless people who kill for sport.Suddenly Decker's job is anything but boring, and the case might be too much to handle for a sleepy town that hasn't seen a murder for nearly a quarter century. Decker will need to use every bit of his keen mind, his thirty years of experience as a homicide cop, and much-appreciated help from family and old friends to stop a callous killer and uncover a cabal so bizarre that it defies logic.

2. Georges Simenon :Inspector Maigret  Omnibus 1:Rs 899.00

The first annual omnibus edition will include of four titles from the series so far: Pietr the Latvian, The Hanged Man of Saint Pholien, The Carter of La Providence and The Grand Banks Cafe . With additional material including the original French first edition covers, which were art directed by Georges Simenon himself.

3. Peggy Mohan:Walk in C Minor:Rs 350.00

Impossible things. It's only when you do impossible things that you grow, Cat. Things that turn you inside out and make you wonder who you are at all in this vast and unending universe. Things that take you outside the frame. 'Cat sets off on a walk up the starlit path, on a course only she can see. As she walks, others gather to her some to share the journey, others ostensibly to help. Her youthful, ambitious, intuitive journey is now an enterprise. She must walk to a common pace and she must lead a team that can only walk in the daylight on a trail that glows only in the dark. Above all, she must resist those who seek to subvert her journey. Still, walk Cat must. And she does against an imaginary soundtrack of Beethoven's Sonata in C minor, which even breaks into the rhythm of the prose.Walk in C minor is an allegorical tale: of a vision, of holding a team together, of leadership, of finding the strength to assert one's voice. It is also an exploration of the creative process and the deepening of one's craft. Ultimately, though it is the story of a dreamer for great things come of strong dreams.

4. Aditya Sudarshan :The Persecution of Madhav Tripathi :Rs 250.00

Bright, well liked and moving quickly up the ranks of officialdom, Madhav Tripathi is a success in every sense. But driving home one evening, a week before his thirtieth birthday,he is abducted by a group of mysterious assailants. Madhav escapes with his life, yet the murderous threat persists. Soon, everything and everyone close to him seems to be in mortal danger.As he fights both to defend himself and to strike back with the resources at his disposal, Madhav also struggles to comprehend the identity of his inexorable persecutors. As a liberal intellectual has he become the target of an extremist right wing group? Or is he somehow embroiled in a class uprising? Maybe it is all a jilted lover's private vendetta? As much cryptic thriller and hallucinatory fantasy as it is a novel of ideas, The Persecution of Madhav Tripathi is a journey into one man's mind and a masterful excavation of the spiritual crisis of our educated elite.

5. Dean Koontz :The City :Rs 450.00

No.1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz is at the peak of his storytelling powers with this major new novel – a rich, multi-layered story that moves back and forth across decades and generations as a gifted musician relates the ‘terrible and wonderful’ events that began in his city in 1967, when he was ten.THIS IS THE STORY OF A BOY AND A CITY…Jonah Kirk’s childhood has been punctuated by extraordinary moments – like the time a generous stranger helped him realize his dream of learning the piano. Nothing is more important to him than his family and friends, and the electrifying power of music.But now Jonah has a terrifying secret. And it sets him on a collision course with a group of dangerous people who will change his life forever.For one bright morning, a single earth-shattering event will show Jonah that in his city, good is entwined with malice, and sometimes the dark side of humanity triumphs. But it will also teach him that courage and honour are found in the most unexpected places, and the way forward lies buried deep inside the heart.If he can just survive to find it…


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