Top Ten Books This Week - December 05, 2016
Top fiction and non-fiction works of this week | By Yentha
On Dec 05, 2016

Non Fiction
1 Thomas L Friedman :Thank you  for Being Late :An Optimists Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations  :Rs 799.00

We all sense it - our lives are speeding up at a dizzying rate. Thank You forBeing Late exposes the tectonic movements that are reshaping the world todayand explains how to get the most out of them. Friedman's thesis is that theplanet's three largest forces - Moore's law (technology), the market(globalization) and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss) - are allaccelerating at once. An extraordinary release of energy is reshaping everythingfrom how we hail a taxi to the fate of nations to our most intimate relationships.Thank You for Being Late is a work of contemporary history that serves as afield manual for how to think about this era of accelerations and how we cananchor ourselves in the eye of this storm. It's also an argument for 'being late' -for pausing to appreciate this amazing historical epoch we're passing throughand reflecting on its possibilities and dangers. Written with his trademarkvitality, wit and optimism and with unequalled access to many of those at theforefront of the changes he is describing all over the world, Thank You for BeingLate is Friedman's most ambitious book - and an essential guide to the presentand the future.

2 Cathy O Neil :Weapons of Math Destruction :How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy :Rs 699.00

We live in the age of the algorithm. Increasingly, the decisions that affect our lives - where we go to school, whether we get a loan, how much we pay for insurance - are being made not by humans, but by mathematical models. In theory, this should lead to greater fairness: everyone is judged according to the same rules and bias is eliminated. And yet, as Cathy O'Neil reveals in this urgent and necessary book, the opposite is true. The models being used today are opaque, unregulated and un-contestable, even when they're wrong. Most troubling, they reinforce discrimination. Tracing the arc of a person's life, O'Neil exposes the black box models that shape our future, both as individuals and as a society. These "weapons of math destruction" score teachers and students, sort CVs, grant or deny loans, evaluate workers, target voters and monitor our health. O'Neil calls on modellers to take more responsibility for their algorithms and on policy makers to regulate their use. But in the end, it's up to us to become more savvy about the models that govern our lives. This important bookempowers us to ask the tough questions, uncover the truth and demand change.

3 .Hozefa A Bhinderwala :Small Steps to Big Reading  : Converting  Non Readers Into Readers  :Rs 299.00

This book intends to motivate non-regular readers to overcome previously held inhibitions about reading and not let past experiences keep them away from the gift of reading. There is a deliberate attempt at illustrating the book with plenty of illustrations to tempt word-phobic readers. It helps simplify the reading process and urges the reader through simple techniques to approach reading in a manner that enhances comprehension.This entails giving up some deeply entrenched old habits that are counterproductive and equipping ourselves with better skills. To achieve this, beyond just tips, the book also provides physical tools that help the reader overcome old habits like regression, lack of preview, subvocalizing, slow reading and self-doubt.It also helps the reader to rise above the bare minimum reading limited to their subject and become flexible readers capable of changing gears when required.The benefits of being well read and being able to fight guilt are also highlighted with the intention that having completed this book urges the non- regular reader to continue in their quest of more fulfilling reading. This book intends to help people acquire an altered approach to reading so that parents and significant caretakers in the lives of young learners do not inadvertently demotivate budding readers. An investment of 100 minutes of your time could make a positive change in how you read and what you do hereafter.

4.Revant Himatsingka:Selfienomics :A Seriously Funny Guide to Living the Good Life :Rs 299.00​

"Original version of a #selfie: Taking a photo of yourself rather than having someone else take it for you. You try out various filters and select the one that makes you look your best. #Selfienomics version of a #selfie: Reflecting on different aspects of your life and taking the initiative to improve so that you can be the best version of yourself. " And so begins Selfienomics, the first Indian self-help book written for young people by a young entrepreneur who speaks their language. Offering workable, practical advise on how to manage finances, start a business, complete creative projects and how to be a better citizen, Selfienomics is so funny, upbeat and entertaining, it's not just a must-read but also a mast-read.

5.Jon Smith :The Deal :Inside the World of a Super Agent :Rs 599.00

Football analysis has grown at the same exponential rate as the sport's popularity and yet one of its most intrinsic elements remains tantalisingly opaque: the role of 'agent'. The Deal is a unique and fascinating perspective into the business of sports management through the eyes of 'Mr Football', 'super-agent', Jon Smith. 800,000 watch their professional football team play each week and TV pulls in audiences of around 600 million. Despite these phenomenal figures, the complex money-making scene behind sport is one of its biggest mysteries. The Deal will be an unprecedented insight into this world, showing what goes on as players and big money change hands.The Deal is also the story of one of the shrewdest and most successful businessmen of our time. Documented through Jon's personal rollercoaster of high-flying success to near bankruptcy, the book's over-arching narrative will offer an inspiring personal journey as well as insider knowledge of brokering deals at a high level and under extreme pressure.The Deal will appeal strongly to buyers of business books as well as a significant number of sports fans interested to know what goes on in the back room of their favourite sport.
1.Lang Leav :The Universe of Us :Rs 599.00

International best-selling author of Love and Misadventure, Lullabies (Goodreads Readers Choice Award) and Memories Lang Leav presents a completely new collection of poetry with a celestial theme in the Universe of Us. Planets, stars and constellations feature prominently in this beautiful, original poetry collection from Lang Leav. Inspired by the wonders of the universe, the best-selling poetess writes about love and loss, hope and hurt, being lost and found. Lang's poetry encompasses the breadth of emotions we all experience and evokes universal feelings with her skillfully crafted words.

2.Lee Child :Night School :Rs 399.00

In the morning, they gave Reacher a medal. And in the afternoon, they sent him back to school. Night School takes Reacher back to his army days, but this time he’s not in uniform. With trusted sergeant Frances Neagley at his side, he must carry the fate of the world on his shoulders, in a wired, fiendishly clever new adventure that will make the cold sweat trickle down your spine.

3.Graeme Macrae Burnet :His Bloody Project  :Rs 399​.00

SHORTLISTED for the MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2016. WINNER of the SALTIRE SOCIETY FICTION BOOK of the YEAR 2016. The year is 1869. A brutal triple murder in a remote community in the Scottish Highlands leads to the arrest of a young man by the name of Roderick Macrae. A memoir written by the accused makes it clear that he is guilty, but it falls to the country's finest legal and psychiatric minds to uncover what drove him to commit such merciless acts of violence. Was he mad? Only the persuasive powers of his advocate stand between Macrae and the gallows. Graeme Macrae Burnet tells an irresistible and original story about the provisional nature of truth, even when the facts seem clear. His Bloody Project is a mesmerising literary thriller set in an unforgiving landscape where the exercise of power is arbitrary.

4.Veena Muthuraman: A Place of No Importance:Rs 299.00

On Deepavali day, an alcoholic threatens to kill himself in public by consuming pesticide. Ayyanarpatti is titillated, his family unimpressed. Beginning with the month of Aipasi, Veena Muthuraman tells a story set in each month of the Tamil calendar. As a year unfolds, we get to know:Ayyanarpatti: To the world, a small village; For the villagers, the centre of the world.

5.Mark Gimenez:The Case Against William:Rs 399.00
Criminal defence lawyers must make their peace with one harsh fact of life: most of their clients are guilty. Yet when William Tucker, a celebrated and self-centered star college football player, is suddenly arrested and charged with the brutal rape and murder of a college coed two years before, his broken-down, drunken estranged father Frank can't believe he's guilty. What father could? But Frank is also an ex-criminal defence lawyer. Now Frank must find a way to sober up and save his son from the death penalty sought by an ambitious district attorney. Can a father's love for his accused son save him from death?


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