Movie Review : Take Off Lands Right In The Hearts Of The Audience
Parvathys breathtaking performance is the soul of the movie, opines Sriram
On Mar 27, 2017


 It’s not always that a movie leaves the viewers with their hearts heavy. It takes genuineness and intensity of situations to do that. Take off, through its impeccable execution of a heavy weight theme gifts the viewers an enthralling emotional experience.

Reality is far from being real unless it is experienced firsthand. Take off is inspired by a true story which occurred in the recent past, when a group of Nurses in Iraq were abducted by ISIS terrorists. The news was indeed an impactful one, but it just passed as impactful news. Take off takes the viewers to the hot seat located at the heart of the battle field, right where the nurses were. The movie from its outset itself establishes a firm emotional connect with the lead character Sameera, which proves to be the driving force for the viewers to relate with her throughout. The director Mahesh Narayanan maintained the intensity even when things lacked clarity. What makes Take off truly special is the way it portrays three of the most unnoticed and underrated spheres of life. Firstly, it beautifully showcases the situations and trauma only the most wonderful creation in this world, women are faced with. Motherhood forms a vital part of the core of the movie. Secondly, Take off glorifies the service offered by our Nurses who are the most undervalued section of the society. Last but not the least; it gives a glimpse of the subtly skillful handling of situations by our nation’s diplomats, whose slightest of nods have everlasting effects on the country. Take off never took a step crossing the line of being a realistic story in order to impart any sort of heroism or grip into the movie. Yet it ended up a gritty experience which had its moments of goose bumps.

Parvathy, through her amazing transformation as Sameera contributes massively to the intensity of the movie. Her mere screen presence and body language spoke volumes about the depths of the character, tempting the viewer to think with Sameera. Fahadh Faasil played a pivotal role to perfection once again demonstrating his skills of subtle acting. Kunjakko Boban also did his part neatly.

Take off’s gripping cinematography, editing and sound design played vital roles in the intensity of the movie. The score by Gopi Sundar hit its target well. The director did a fine job in not overusing the main BGM dominating in the movie’s trailer, which also carried in it traces of a previous song by Gopi Sundar.

Take off grips the audience emotionally despite the small loopholes at the turns of events. Parvathy comes up with a mind blowing performance which ends up the soul of the film. A must watch movie which beautifully highlights the divine lives of Nurses especially the ones struggling abroad, it is a tribute to women who struggle to support their families.


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