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Hari Prasanna Kumar and Aravind MS did not follow the usual route of taking an offer from MNC.They instead made their own roads and runs their firm Naga Info Solutions | By Indu Lekshmi
On Apr 11, 2016

How did it all start? 
Computers and technology has always interested and excited our group of like-minded friends ever since school. Out of our love for computers and software technology I chose to do my under graduation and post graduation in IT. Finally when the time came for us to decide on what we were going to do with our academics, me and my partner Aravind decided to team up together for freelance software development. That sets the start of NAGA. For a few years we did projects for clients within Kerala. We were enjoying the overall experience, though it was very challenging since we were new. In 2009, we decided to register our company and set up our first office in Trivandrum. We worked day in and out for the growth of our company ever since. Aravind now manages operations in the UK while I head the team in India.
Naga Today ...
NAGA currently has two offices in Trivandrum - one at PTP Nagar and the other at Technopark. We currently employ around 50 people within and outside India. We are catering to clients based in India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, US, UK, Singapore and Denmark.

There is a deliberate effort on our part to ensure that NAGA offers a wide array of technology development services and our expertise is not just confined to just a few domains. Web Development, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, VOIP, 3D Programming, 3D Modeling, Design Solutions are a few of our areas of expertise. Another aspect about development we are very particular about is the use of cutting-edge technology in our solutions. We strongly believe that learning is very important, especially when it comes to an area like Software Development where practices, technologies, methodologies, processes and frameworks are ever changing.
When most of your generation think of a secured job why did you step into the role of an entrepreneur? 
A lot of the young people are happy with a secure job. To me however a job limits one’s full potential- at least in most cases. When working for someone else, it is difficult to – (i) think creatively on newer ideas, (ii) dedicate time to work on ideas of their own choice and interest, (iii) decide which projects to work on, (iv) decide what technologies to work with and so on. All this is especially true if you have passion for what you do and are keen to explore new things.

Entrepreneurship allows one to be in control of what they can do. Entrepreneurship is definitely risky, but the perks associated make it really worth it. Being an entrepreneur is definitely not an easy task, but it is not tough either. If you know what you are doing then it is a lot of fun, exciting and rewarding as well. It definitely requires a lot of focus, dedication, skills and patience.

Eight years into this I feel I have a lot more to learn. I have made several mistakes in the past, but have been quick to realize and learn from them. I have also learnt a lot from experiences of people around me. I perfectly understand that nothing can be taken for granted and that every day in my life is going to be full of new challenges and opportunities as I move forward. Having said that, I am perfectly happy with the choice I have made and I don’t think I would have been more comfortable doing anything else.
Future plans ...
As a technology provider, NAGA wants to spread its expertise to more technological areas. We would also like to cater to more number of customers globally and expand our operations to other markets.
Hari Prasanna Kumar and Aravind M S
Start up challenges ...
The biggest challenges were :
  • Tough competition we faced in the market.
  • Keeping the best talents working with the company for as long as possible.
  •  Keeping up to date with the rapid industrial changes be it technology, processes, methodologies.
  • Keeping up to date with the prevalent rules and regulations in the state and country. 
Naga Services 
Your tip for anyone following the dream of start ups...
Setting up a startup company is a major milestone in one’s journey to pursue one's dream. While setting up a company may not be that difficult, it is keeping it running and making progress that is. I would advice upcoming entrepreneurs to do their research very thoroughly and plan very well before they start implementing their ideas. Remember, research and planning is inversely proportional to risk. Wishing all upcoming entrepreneurs all the very best.

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