Seconds (Malayalam): A Gripping Thriller, Some Loose Ends - Film Review
‘Seconds’ will entertain you; A crime thriller that follows a non-linear narration pattern which is not-so-common in Malayalam movies. In the end, it leaves you with a sense of incompleteness says Aswin
On Dec 05, 2014


Four strangers from different walks of life, on a particular day falls prey to a gruesome incident. Veeramani (Jayasurya), Tina (Aparna Nair), Firoze (Vinay Fort) and Thambi (Vinayakan) are the four lead characters.

Veeramani, a family man, is an insurance agent who is struggling in his job even after several years of experience. Tina is a sales girl working for a jeweler and is looking for better prospects so as to manage her financial problems. Firoze is a hot-headed ambitious photographer. Thambi on the other hand is someone from the lowest strata of society; a drug-addict goon who cares only about his whims and nothing else.

If you think this is just another movie about a day in the life of four totally unrelated folks, you are wrong. ‘Seconds’ is a crime thriller that follows a non-linear narration pattern which is not-so-common in Malayalam movies.

The narration is unique and gripping. It keeps you guessing. But, in the end, leaves you with a sense of incompleteness. The loose ends might look like forgivable blotches; mainly due to the way the plot has been narrated. But when you start looking for excuses to explain these blotches, you’ll hit a brick wall.

The holes or glitches which don’t look serious, while you are watching it, are actually major. A police officer who seems sharp and intelligent in the beginning turns out to be rather blunt. A devious smile from a key character pushes you into a fog of doubt which you hope will be cleared in the end. But, it never happens.

You are left in a cloud of doubt. All the key characters, except Thambi, give you several situations which are against their natural behaviour. The incident which sets the plot rolling and which ultimately leads to the crux of the plot looks suspiciously coincidental; as if the script writer conjured it out of thin air. The event which intertwines the lives of four lead characters, itself, is questionable.

Anyway, even with all these plot-holes, ‘Seconds’ is a thrilling movie. It has several moments of suspense which are sure to entertain you. A portion of credit, for this, goes to Aneesh Upasana, for the different yet gripping manner in which the story is unveiled. But, it seems he knows only one way to entice the audience - using a twist; slow-motion shots. Every single twist is revealed in a long slow-motion which is pretty awkward at times.


Cinematography by Suresh Rajan is good. He has kept it simple, yet very effective. Gopi Sundar’s background score creates the feel of tension pretty well. But at times, it sounds unnecessarily fancy.

Actors have done a great job and it is to them, the rest of the credit goes. All the four lead actors have put in great performances. But Salim Kumar, in an interesting cameo, fails to make any impact. Rest of the cast has done well.

‘Seconds’ will entertain you. You will most probably watch it without questioning any of the loose ends because of the gripping narration. But when you try to make sense out those loose ends, things might get pretty weird.

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