Saaradhi (Malayalam); Drowns In Unpleasantness: Film Review
The story K Ranjith had the potential to be a compelling watch but a weak script lets it down says Aswin
On Feb 17, 2015


‘Saaradhi’ has a compelling plot and there are quite a few thrilling moments. The movie follows the pattern of thrillers of recent times; a day’s events.

Christy (Sunny Wayne) is a maverick ambulance driver. The plot involves Christy who has to take a dead man and his relatives to a faraway destination. Different things happening on the way makes Christy suspicious about the purpose of this journey.

There ends the positives of Gopalan Manoj’s debut flick.

Now getting into the not-so-good side of ‘Saaradhi’, first up is the totally unnecessary, absolutely horrible item number with extremely vulgar lyrics. It is pure brain-damage. The movie starts with this and it just makes it very difficult to like ‘Saaradhi’. All through the movie you have some poorly written characters which the actors fail to portray well.

The story K Ranjith had the potential to be a compelling watch but the script by Rajesh Kannan is rather weak. Added to that you have some boring cliched scenes. Whatever thrill is left in Ranjith’s storyline drowns in these unpleasantness. Gopalan Manoj needs to do a lot better than this to attain success.

The least that a thriller should have is some stunning visuals and enthralling background music. ‘Saaradhi’ fails at that too. Cinematography by Noushad Shareef is rather poor and so is Gopi Sundar’s background score.

There is nothing much to talk about performances. Sunny Wayne does a decent job as Christy. Sreenivasan is getting stereotyped as the common man who does whatever is possible to serve the society and he repeats the act as Asst.SI Subramanium. Madhupal returns to his forte and does a good job as the villainous politician. The rest of the cast does what they can with their respective weak roles.

‘Saaradhi’ with a thrilling plot, could’ve been much more. But all it leaves you with is a torturous item song which you will find really hard to forget.

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