PEOPLE SPEAK : What Men Think Of Women
Men from various backgrounds and locations talk about what they think about women | By Indu Lekshmi
On Mar 07, 2016

Women.. I know them through my mother my wife and my friends.It is so true that(as a man) you can never understand a women completely- how she can be so tolerant, so pleasant, so resilient, so inspiring and can blossom anybody's life.I always wish I had their strength to console, patience to listen and be able to be with anyone exactly when they need a companion. Thank you all those beautiful ladies for being there in my life and helping me to be what I'm today!
Saju Sherief,Manager , Bangalore
I have met women who are compassionate and modest like my mom and also aggressive and fighters - so it all depends on the person.What they show in movies and those moral stories are all stereotypes. No two women are the same and women are no different from any other human person.The moment we talk about women as a group we are stereotyping. It is also strange how the Malayalam movie industry portrays women.They always show women depending on men for everything and that men has the responsibility to make sure women are safe. In a law abiding modern society each person can stand up for themselves and their opinions irrespective of gender.
Kiran Nair, Business Owner, California 
I consider woman as an equal to man, but for most societies, woman is still a lesser citizen from whom they want nothing but servile obedience. We always thought it was up to the government to correct that notion. By design, governments cannot empower women; only we can. We must start by reviewing the importance we give to the women in our circles. Society has the larger responsibility to foster their abilities through strategic programs. Rather than forcefully asking women to take up leadership positions, like in elections, we must give them an equal opportunity to come up through the ranks. No great woman we know of, emerged with the help of reservation.
Sreejith Panickar, Founder , Mission Netaji, Trivandrum
Life starts from woman in the form of mother - not just in giving birth, but also in nurturing and teaching us of the world.She is the one who offers helping hand before anyone else.I see that same care and love which my mother showed me once reflected in my wife now when she takes care of our son.I think that chain of love and bond just goes on like that generation after generation.
Mahesh , Project Manager , Norwalk ,USA
There are very few men who does not wonder why they did not get a more beautiful, richer or more educated wife.In my forties and fifties such thoughts of men had crossed my mind .The thought that wife is someone to be ruled!In his race to conquer territories man forgot to aknowledge his woman -when he got engrossed in the belief that a woman is supposed to spend her time at home or at her work place and her only purpose in life is to nurture his offsprings.But at a later stage we do realise that woman is supreme power, that woman is mother and that she ought to be worshipped - to worship in our minds at least. In Manu Samhitha it is written that prosperity will not dawn where woman is not worshipped.It is a pity to think that woman is a means for pleasure. Even though she is physically weaker than men, her thoughts and deeds are much powerful.A woman is much more capable of leading and taking care of her family responsibilities than her male counterpart.In my personal view there should be equal rights for men and women in life.
Chandu Nair , Script Writer , Trivandrum
Women-its really hard to be. If they love, their love is unparellel. If they hate, their hatred is unparellel. Their power to forgive and to forget  can't be compared with anything else and has height of adaptability. A Woman, who is true to heart, is most beautiful and powerful creation of God.
Devan Babu, Malayalam Serial Industry
Some of them inspired me, some of them supported me and one of them gave me birth.My mother has been my inspiration and support  and my wife continues to give me the same now. The list of women who supported and who played vital roles in my life at various junctures is too long.But I know that I am what I am because of each one of them.Women are amazing for they can 'painfully reproduce & lovingly feed' , 'wisely agree & meaningfully oppose' ,'seamlessly express & sensibly hide' and 'firmly control & liberally give'.
Sreejith ,IT Manager , Mexico

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