My IFFK 2014: Arun’s Feedback
Yentha talks to festival regulars and even first-timers to gauge festival feedbacks | by Yentha
On Dec 15, 2014
Arun T Babu is a journalism student from Chenganoor.

He is an ardent movie fan and a political critique. Let’s hear from him, his opinions on how it has been going on for the last three days.

Talking to Yentha, he said, “I am here for the movies and so far, there have been some really good ones. The old movies of Buster Keaton & Miklos Jancso are my picks. The revoking of reservation system is another big plus. It was totally unnecessary.”

Then came the negative feedback. “I don’t know why they have placed a battalion of police officers here. The security officials behave as if the delegates are dangerous beings. This is not good. The festival is a symbol of freedom and such intense security measures curbs the freedom. Another big issue is the seating capacity. Halls are getting filled pretty quickly and many delegates are not able to watch the movies they want to. Some of the best movies are being screened in small halls like Sree & Nila.”, says Arun.

Well, according to the IFFK organizers, more than 9000 delegate passes have been issued while there are only 5000 seats available. No wonder this IFFK is turning out to be a tight squeeze!!!

Arun T Babu

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