Movie Review-Sachin: A Billion Dreams (Hin):Relive The Fairy Tale With Sachin
On May 31, 2017


It is said that god wanted to play cricket and thus Sachin was born. The statement seems an accolade to the unparalleled greatness the man has conquered in his sphere, to the amount of faith, love and respect he attracts throughout the world, across three generations. But there is more to it, which makes it real. Sachin Tendulkar, in lot of sense is unreal and unbelievable. He is more than a prodigy to have started playing cricket at the national level at 14, international level at 16, and to have survived in there for 24 years. He is more than extra ordinary, to have remained the perfect gentleman all throughout, who has hardly uttered a word out of place on and off the field, silently existing in the midst of a lot of chaos. Sachin is a phenomenon, which is hardly explainable on human grounds, making him god for a reason.


A movie on the life and career of him has the potential to bring about the transition from the unreal to how Sachin Tendulkar was actually real and human. ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ does justice to that to an extent by selectively revealing depths of his journey, adding flavors of genuine emotions to it. But for the ardent follower of cricket, specifically Indian cricket, the fairy tale is more or less re-narrated and the godly image reaffixed.


The best part of the movie, and seemingly the most genuine part comes in its first half. A young Sachin picks up the bat gifted by his sister and is later taken to his coach Ramakanth Achrekar by his brother. The makers do well to establish the intensity of Sachin’s desire to play cricket, play it well and keep playing. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee relatability and in turn inspiration, as the hurdles on the way are loosely narrated. Tendulkar of the ‘90s, through videos that are not highly popular is indeed a revelation, epitomizing courage and confidence before the world centering him and the bowlers charging at him. He was raw, plain and bound to fail. The darkness of the dark phases: The captaincy and match fixing saga, and its soul stealing impact on Sachin are conveyed with precision. The script and the selection of videos, were spot on when the movie entered the phase when Sachin topped the headlines not for cricketing reasons. Yet, as far as facts are concerned, the viewer is not allowed access to anything other than what he has already read on newspapers.

Winning a world cup is said to be Sachin’s greatest dream. ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ is focused on that dream, which finally comes true in 2011.The whole journey of Sachin after he resigns from the captaincy is mainly focused on the three world cups that follow. An antagonist, Greg Chappel makes an entry by the 2007 world cup. It marks the only instance in the movie when Tendulkar openly expresses a strong opinion of his own regarding an event, giving an insight into the dressing room.

Although the film may look devoid of the usual flavor to arouse the masses, the director carefully controls the projection of events to suit the commoner. In a circuit where world cups are the checkpoints, the journey in between and the impact of it, is merely shown in terms of runs scored in different innings. The test matches fought and won overseas, which changed the color of Indian cricket, where Sachin himself formed the core of the engine was almost forgotten in an effort to project the world cup which the masses understood more.The makers did not show the skill or courage in making the subtle things in the story, which could be ignored look powerful. The same pattern of echoing the public opinion follows suit even in seemingly courageous revelation made about the Chappel saga.

A R Rahman’s scores add depth and emotions to the unbelievable journey of Sachin. It is another wonderful effort by the Mozart of Madras to capture the iconic “Sachin... Sachin” and reproduce it with all its intensity, faith and love.



Sachin Tendulkar is an emotion and an expression in the madness called cricket. ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ brings excitement andnostalgia to the cricket lunatic. As a biographic film and a work of art, it falls short in terms of courage and expression respectively.

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Nice review
Keshu, on May 31, 2017 02:37:48 PM
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