Movie Review (Mal): Idukki Gold
Ashiq Abu with his new flick | Subhash Sabu
On Oct 12, 2013

Whatever he does, Aashiq Abu makes headlines. His latest offering to the movie buffs out there is nothing conventional. Idukki Gold is unconventional, in too many aspects - it doesn't have a story, a heroine, or a hero. But still, Aashiq Abu makes the masses throng the theatres in huge numbers. This is something not many directors can boast about. He is a director synonymous with entertainment among his target audience, and this film also attempts nothing different.


Idukki Gold's ensemble cast has Prathap Pothen, Raveendran, Babu Antony, Maniyanpilla Raju, and Vijayaraghavan as Michael, Ravi Antony, Madan, and Raman respectively. Sajitha Madathil, Lal, Joy Thomas makes the rest of the cast. This Aashiq Abu film is produced by M Renjith. The script for Santhosh Echikanam's short film is penned by Dileesh Nair-Syam Pushkaran combo.


Regarding the story thread of Idukki Gold, I can formally say that it is the nostalgic journey of 5 friends in their 50's, Michael, Ravi, Antony, Madan, and Raman. If you delve further into it, it doesn't have a story, it is just a journey, which is admitted at the very beginning of the film. Rather informally, I should say that it is the story of five friends who get together to smoke the stuff that they enjoyed during their school days. The witty one-liners in the first half that ends too soon, keeps you engaged. When 'IDUKKI GOLD' is introduced in the second half, the stuff steals the show completely and the result - the film gets on the track of some recent Asif Ali starrers.


To zoom into the positives and negatives, the performance of the cast is a big plus for the film. The young lads who gave life to the lead's childhood came up with a commendable performance. Aashiq Abu does the best to churn out an entertainer out of a seemingly vacuous story. 

Shyju khalid's visuals are fine. He frames the picturesque Idukki like no one has done before. Bijipal's music syncs quite well. His 'manikachirakulla', played as the title song is well piucturised. BGM also manages to keep the narration from going off-track. The costumes and art direction departments has done a good job. The first half is edited well, but the second half could have been edited far better.


I will not recommend this film to all. This is not meant for the one opting to watch 2 or 3 best films of the year from the theatre. This one has its own flaws. What a group of friends who would like to chill out on a weekend crave for is entertainment and it manages to deliver it in parts. If you enjoy the type of 'entertainment' that I mentioned above, then the money you spend is worth it! Hope Aashiq Abu comes up with a better one next time.



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