Movie Review - Lingaa (Tamil) : Don't Keep Expectations High
Good? Yes. Great? No. Those looking for content and freshness, careful not to get your expectations too high. | Mukesh Venu
On Dec 12, 2014


The long awaited moment has finally dawned over fans numbering in millions. Rajnikanth's - arguably the greatest of Asian superstars - 'Lingaa' finally hit the big screen on his birthday, Dec 12. In theaters excitement rise to a feverish pitch as anticipation turns to reality and 'thalivaa's' image appears amidst a galaxy of stars. The energy keeps building until Rajnikanth finally makes his triumphant return through the introduction song. Then an eerie silence...

For those too impatient for an articulation through words it would be better to get to the end point at the beginning itself. First half of the movie is a drag; second half is ok, that's it. Lingaa suffers from no dearth in hard work or passion, but it does reveal a genuine dearth in brain-work or rather innovation.

The movie was made in a short period of six months. It has got in it every quintessential element needed for a super-hit - a very accomplished director in K S Ravikumar, world renowned Oscar winning music director in A R Rahman, two of the most glamorous heroines in Anushka Sharma and Sonakshi Sinha and of course 'Thalivaa' himself, and quite frankly the movie is going to be a super-hit. But for those expecting an epic movie on lines of 'Basha' or ' Padayappa', Lingaa is going to be a sore disappointment.

Rajnikath stays true to his reputation and delivers a performance with no lacking in energy, passion, style and dialogue delivery. But for someone who, in spite of being type casted as 'style mannan' for better part of his career and yet always succeeded in bringing something new to every role he did, 'Lingeswaran' is something of a setback. Director Ravikumar has banked solely on exploiting the humongous star power of the actor by providing a visual extravaganza, but through a script that is a shallow as it is lazy. Same goes for A R Rahman who has simply churned out a different version of his hit numbers from past instead of coming up with something truly original. 

That being said the film is not without its merits. The sets are stunning, technology used is the latest and graphics match with the best in Hollywood. Like mentioned earlier there is no lacking in hard work or passion from any, both on and off-screen. Anushka and Sonakshi have both given a credible performance and Santhanam once again shines with his comic talents and timing. Rajnikanth still brims with youthful energy in his dual roles as small-time thief and an erstwhile Maharajah. Cinematography is excellent and so are the costumes. But dialogues could have been better.

Story line is the same old one of one man saving a village. Narrative style is hardly unique and most of the songs happen just for the sake of it as does the couple of fight sequences. Even for a hardcore fan, Lingaa fails to live up to the standards expected of a Rajni film. It is visibly clear the movie has been rushed through for a quick release with audience supposed to be won over with Rajni's larger than life performance and technical mis-mash, both which lacks backing of a solid script, inspiring music and impactful dialogues. Stale patriotism, mindless romance and lazy narration adds to the woe.

Lingaa is not really a bad movie, and being a Rajni one, it is more or less a must watch as well. But for those looking for content and freshness, careful not to get your expectations too high.

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