MOVIE REVIEW: Jacobinte Swargarajyam
This family entertainer from Vineeth Sreenivasan does not disappoint the expectations of his audience | Says Anoop S
On Apr 10, 2016

Having previously combined to produce two feel-good commercially successful ventures, it is natural that expectations are high when Nivin Pauly and director Vineeth Sreenivasan team up. Based on a real life story, ‘Jacobinte Swargarajyam’ doesn’t disappoint and succeeds in satisfying the viewer.


Jacob (Renji Panicker) is a successful businessman who has toiled hard for years in Dubai to make a fortune. He is a perennially optimistic man who lends out his helping hand to all those who are in need around him and is thus a highly respected man in his community.  He treasures his family of wife Sherly (Lekshmi Ramakrishnan) and his four children - Jerry (Nivin Pauly), Abin (Sreenath Bhasi), Ammu (Aima) and Chris (Stacen) more than anything else in the whole world.
From the trailer and the title of the movie itself, it is easily discernible that Jacob’s kingdom will shatter after we are shown a period of cheer. Jacob gets cheated of millions at a time when the going was already tough with economic recession having knocked the doors of the world. The circumstances force Jacob to get separated from his family. There are no prizes for guessing that the humongous task of lifting the family out of the hole that they find themselves in would fall entirely on the shoulders of the 24 year old Jerry.
A clueless youngster, Jerry has no any idea on how to get his family out of the abyss that they have landed in. With the support of his mentally strong mother, he makes use of all the life lessons that his father has imparted to him and starts rebuilding their lives. How Jerry slowly and steadily succeeds in his task forms the rest of the tale.
What is striking in the movie is Vineeth Sreenivasan’s writing and his confident direction. He doesn’t rush with the proceedings and takes his own sweet time to get the story across. He doesn’t resort to any sort of gimmicks whatsoever and even underplays the romance that Jerry has with Chippy (Reba Monica John). The movie is able to connect with the emotions of the viewers exceedingly well and this is indeed the standout aspect of ‘Jacobinte Swargarajyam’.
The end result that we have is a soulful and largely realistic movie. Aspects of the movie such as its overemphasis on development, hard work and merit that is intended to feel as if Dubai is the paradise on earth is surely not going to impress those who subscribe to contrasting ideologies. But, that is a debate for another day.

Nivin Pauly’s sedate performance is overshadowed by the stunning performances of Renji Panicker and Lekshmi Ramakrishnan. Breaking the stereotypes that we are used to seeing, Renji Panicker and Lekshmi Ramakrishnan play their respective roles of a cool dad and a strong woman convincingly. The supporting cast comprising Sreenath Bhasi, Stacen, Aima, Reba Monica John, T G Ravi, Sai Kumar and Ashwin Kumar do justice to the roles that they are cast in.
Shaan Rahman always seems to up his ante for a Vineeth Sreenivasan movie and ‘Jacobinte Swargarajyam’ isn’t an exception to the rule. The songs ‘Thiruvaavaniraavu’ and ‘Ee Shishirakaalam’ are sure to occupy the top positions in the playlists of many a people. Jomon T John’s cinematography is ample.
'Jacobinte Swargarajyam’ is pretty much a straightforward story of how a youngster succeeds in challenging the society when met with an adversity. The feel-good factor that they provide is the USP of Vineeth Sreenivasan’s movies. ‘Jacobinte Swargarajyam’ also fits into such a mould and is definitely worth a watch.

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