Movie Review : Georgettans Crackers Go Wet
Georgettans Pooram ends up as a testimony to the waning powers of the evergreen star Dileep, says Sriram
On Apr 03, 2017


There are stars, super stars and then there is Dileep. As mentioned in the title of Georgettan’s Pooram as Janapriya Nayakan, he enjoys an evergreen status in the Malayalam industry for his ability of pulling the masses into the theatre irrespective of the crew or other movies running parallel. Thus, he is widely expected to be the dark horse in a tightly packed summer season. To the disappointment of his followers and fans alike, the half-baked Georgettan’s Pooram fails to deliver in any aspect, be it out-and-out entertainment or quality cinema, ending up below average.

The movie started off brightly giving hopes of Dileep’s typical comic ride. As it progressed, a good plot slowly developed, accompanied by good but highly sporadic comic numbers. Potential comedy was very often spilled by poor execution and timing of the actors. Although devoid of any lag, the plot stagnated after a certain point resulting in the movie floating without any purpose. The first half ended with all the hope resting on what was to follow. But it was only going to gradually lose the little steam gathered till then, with comedy also drying up. Very often the turns in the story lacked smoothness and a lot of ends were being left incomplete. As it neared the climax, heroism for the protagonist meant that logic was given for a toss. In an age where perfection in sports sequences counts as a necessity, Georgettan’s Pooram comes short by a long distance. The script planned out for the Kabbadi climax was clichéd and ensured an ordinary culmination for an ordinary movie. The romance in the movie had good scope for expansion but it was left unclear and abrupt. The character of Josephettan played by T.G Ravi was a faint silver lining of Georgettan’s Pooram.

Dileep was good in handling comedy but certainly not at his best with his timing and delivery. The Thrissur slang of almost all the cast seemed forced, especially after Chemban Vinod who spoke it well made the entry. A lot of entertainment based movies tend to give the lead actress not much chance to perform. The award-winning actress Rajisha Vijayan was the victim here.  T.G Ravi was incredible in the limited scenes he was in. The rest of the cast including Vinay Fort and Sharafudheen did a good work.


Music by Gopi Sundar was ordinary, not contributing anything to lift the movie. His songs also maintained an average level.


Thus, a movie with a decent story and few good one liners is spoilt by lazy detailing and execution. The plot and even some comedy numbers deserves a better output. The makers would have put all their hopes on Dileep and the ever-rewarding Summer Vacation season. But the movie ends up as a testimony to the waning powers of the evergreen star Dileep.




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