Movie Review: Ee Adutha Kalathu (Malayalam): After A Long Time!
'Ee Adutha Kalathu' stands unique by the way the story has been allowed to evolve by itself through the almost three hours of movie time | By Mukesh Venu
On Mar 05, 2012


In the midst of all the rush to include the latest technology, the latest camera lens, international locales and such, the story content is usually given the backseat in recent films. 'Ee Adutha Kalathu' has put an end to that dry streak. The story, which starts off with characters that are quite unrelated to each other, finally makes the link just before the intermission. It evolves further through the latter half of the movie towards its unexpected yet in every sense natural and believable conclusion, and definitely proves to be the refreshing rain cloud on a long story-drought hit land.



Like a Rubik’s cube, life too can be lived a billion different ways. And it is interlinked with the lives of others in a billion different ways too. Your fate rests in the hands of others, just like the fate of many others rest upon yours. 'Ee Adutha Kalathu' is a story of a diverse group of persons each suffering from their own individual demons. Their lives are changed forever through a series of events, triggered by one person’s connection to the other.

'Vishnu' (Indrajith) is the poor struggling young man with a family consisting of his wife 'Ramani' (Mythili), ailing mother and two children. 'Madhuri Kurien' (Tanushri Gosh) is the long suffering, sex-deprived wife of 'Ajay Kurien' (Murali Gopi) who is driven to intense frustration because of his impotency. These characters of 'Vishnu' and 'Madhuri Kurien' form the core part of the story, amply supported by Nishanth as the love-faking 'Rustham', Anoop Menon as the fame seeking Police Commissioner 'Tom Cherian', Jagathy Sreekumar as 'Bonacaud Ramachandran', editor of a local daily pulp news magazine and Lena as the enthusiastic journalist 'Rupa'.



The actors, all of them, have done justice to the superb effort from director Arun Kumar Aravind, who had an impressive debut with 'Cocktail'. The story is set in the city of Trivandrum and Murali Gopi who has written the story and dialogues of 'Ee Adutha Kalathu', hasn't compromised on reality for the sake of the supposed morality. The slangs mouthed by the poor man 'Vishnu,' his wife 'Remani', and that of Baiju as the local goon 'Watson' would sound as much forbidden, as it is real. Also no line has been wasted  for delivering hard hitting punch dialogues, which give the script an extra charm. Gopi Sunder has done a wonderful job with the music in providing the movie with a constant pace that builds up towards the end.



'Ee Adutha Kalathu' almost qualifies as a 'black comedy' where social evils and the helplessness of men in the face of it are showcased with a natural perfection and movie taboos are broken with almost too much of ease. There isn't the good winning over the evil sort of ending to be expected with 'Ee Adutha Kalathu', as the focus is not on good or evil, but the happening of the good and the evil to a particular person at a particular time. No character is completely straight nor is any one completely crooked; everyone is a mix of good and bad, features that makes humans human. Indrajith and Mythili have really proved their mettle as serious actors and Tanushri Ghosh is bound to leave a lasting impression of her acting ability in her role as Madhuri Kurien in the movie.



Award winning cinematographer Shenad Jalal has captured the essence of Trivandrum in a very realistic manner through the lens. 'Ee Adutha Kalathu' blends the present problems of Trivandrum perfectly with the personal problems of the individuals. Every development and twist that happen in the movie has Trivandrum forming its background. With the story taking the centre stage and the actors only doing their bit to support it, it is the evolution of the whole storyline through mutually unrelated branches, to get interconnected into one at the conclusion with marveling ease and yet in the most unexpected of ways that is the main highlight of 'Ee Adutha Kalatu'.


For the audience this is a must watch movie which exemplifies why Malayalam films will continue to stand on their own, despite the budget and territory constrains when compared to the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industries. 


Image Courtesy: nowrunning.com

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psychic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychic You did not mean that he developed paranormal capabilities right?!
Croisader, on Mar 06, 2012 12:38:54 PM
Dear Croisader, No we certainly did not mean that she developed supernatural powers. it was a genuine goof-up. We are extremely sorry. (Oh the things we sometimes manage to come up with!!!) Thanks to readers like you who keep us on our toes, we can stem further damage. Thank you, and please note that the necessary change has been made.
Team Yentha, on Mar 07, 2012 10:48:01 PM
"EE adutha Kalathu".I had seen a good movie after sometime.All charecters are excellents specially Indrajith,Tanushri and Murali Gopi.But what is the use ? At the end of the year when award function come by state or any channels they will give awards , asusual to superstars. This has to be changed.
REGI, on Jun 20, 2012 02:32:02 PM
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