Koothara : Real But Fun: Film Review (Malayalam)
The movie does not have anything extraordinary compared to our lives but it is fun to watch| Dinesh Kumar
On Jun 14, 2014


Some people never learn. They make mistakes one after another. But the extraordinary thing about the heroes of this movie is that they rise again. There is something natural about this movie since all of us have our ups and downs.

The movie got its name from the names of the three friends-Koobrin, Tharun and Ram. But there is another message from the title. The society has dumped these friends as ‘Kootharas’. It is their story which is being told.

The director Srinath Rajendran has done a good job. The performance of the three heroes - Sunny Wayne, Bharath and Tovino Thomas – is average. They just survive in the movie. Mohanlal, who did a cameo in the movie, was enchanting. He is perhaps the only one in the present

Malayalam film industry who can do such characters with so much of grace. Though female leads did not have much of an importance, they did their parts well.
First half of the movie talks about the friendship and character of these three friends. The other half deals with the struggle they undergo and how they try to change themselves. Let us leave the story at that. The friends meet in the college, which was short lived. Then they go on to live their lives and gain their self-respect.

One aspect of the movie is that there is no drag on any scene. Also, honestly, there is not much of a story. But the movie is interesting to watch, especially before the interval. Unfortunately, the final half an hour of the movie was barely tolerable.


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