King Liar does have its fair share of light moments but the basic storyline is implausible says Anoop
On Apr 05, 2016


King Liar is the coming together of directors Siddique and Lal after working independently for more than two decades.

With their Dubai based firm, ‘Verma Designs’, Devika Verma (Asha Sharat) and Anand Verma (Lal) rule the roost in the fashion industry. The celebrity couple is headed for a divorce after Devika red handedly catches Anand indulging in an act of impropriety.

Satyanarayanan or Satyan (Dileep) is a fraudster who makes a living for himself mainly by forging certificates for his clients. His very existence is based on his uncanny knack to use his tongue to build fortresses of lies. He is smitten by an aspiring model and IT professional, Anjali (Madonna Sebastian).

A chance meeting that Anand has with Satyan convinces him that Satyan is the right person to fix his personal woes. Impressed by Satyan’s ability to weave webs of lies, Anand blackmails Satyan into taking up the assignment of mending his wreaked marriage by somehow taking Devika into his confidence and convincing her that Anand’s actions weren’t necessarily mala fide.


In the late 80s and early 90s, the duo of Siddique and Lal had conceived some of the finest comedy movies in Malayalam cinema like ‘Godfather’, ‘In Harihar Nagar’, ‘Kabooliwala’, ‘Vietnam Colony’ and the evergreen classic, ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’. While these superhits relied liberally on situational comedy, the jokes in them were of such a standard that they still continue to evoke laughs across generations. These movies ended up as memorable ones as they had a dramatic but relatable story as the centerpiece.


But, their recent movies as independent directors have lacked a solid central story and resorted to using slapstick comedy. So, it doesn’t come across as a surprise that ‘King Liar’ also follows the same trend. What is indeed surprising is that the audience continues to lap up such ventures even when there has been a steady current of realistic mainstream movies that has raised the general quality of movies being churned out these days.

‘King Liar’ does have its fair share of light moments but the basic storyline is implausible. What makes it worse is that the story gets more manipulative as it goes on. The running time is another dampener and without too much substance, it is indeed a wonder that the makers chose to make it last for 158 minutes. The intelligence round of the beauty contest in the climax is probably the only takeaway as this is the only sequence that has semblance of thoughtfulness in the entire movie. ‘King Liar’ is high on style but low on substance.






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