Interview Of The Week: K P Suveeran: A Dedicated Maverick
The director of the national award winning film ‘Byari’ shares a few moments with Yentha | Anjana George
On Jun 27, 2012


K P Suveeran, the man who is known for creating magic on stage won the hearts of movie lovers with his debut movie 'Byari'.


“I have been dreaming of making a film for a long time. The idea of directing a movie in a language which is spoken by a few people in our country was never in my mind. I could not find any producers to make a film in my mother-toungue. When the producers of ‘Byari’ approached me I decided to go for it. I never thought my first movie would fetch me the Golden Lotus Award,” smiled director Suveeran.


His movie ‘Byari’ made in the Byari language spoken by just a few lakhs of People belonging to the Byari Muslim community of South Kannada region bagged the National Award for the Best Film this year.



“For me ‘Byari’ expresses the speechless emotions of  women in India. The movie explores different emotional levels of the so called 'Indian Woman'. Audience may find an indepth meaning in the movie. It questions the selfish patriarchal customs.  I had faced a lot of financial difficulty while making it so I shot it in  16mm format. If there were no financial constraints I could have made'Byari' more beautifully.”




The dedicated director had done his intense research on the ethnic community before starting the pre-production work of the movie. “I travelled in and around Mangalore before starting the project. Once I realised that even though the people over there have a distinct cultural identity they are chained in the clutches of conservative faiths and beliefs and ‘Naidra’, the lead in the movie fights against the customs in her community.”


Suveeran believes that his honesty and dedication to his work was what won him the award. 


“I am glad that I won this award. Now I will easily get producers for my new projects in Malayalam. I do not have to run away to the neighbouring state.”


The director says that he has used a lot of theatrical elements in the film as his first love has always been Theatre.


“Theatre is always my first love. There is only a short distance between film and theatre. But I feel that a drama is good when it is performed. It dies along with the director. But mechanical reproduction is possible for films. It would remain long after the maker is gone.”


Suveeran, the 45 year old Mahe based artist was one of the best students of the School of Drama, Trissur. He is the maker of some of the sensational productions in the recent history of Malayalam theatre.



“My theatrical works include Malayalam adaptations of Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, Karl Georg Buchner’s Woyzeck and Vultures by Vijay Tendulkar. My latest drama was an  adaptation of C V Balakrishnan’s novel ‘Ayussinte Pusthakam’".

This dedicated maverick who is also an NSD (National School of Drama) dropout says that he never had a godfather in the industry. He is a completely self-made man.



“I have never taken support from any political figure or anyone in the industry. I am a self- made man. Whatever I have achieved is a result of my struggles and hard work. When I do a project I do not think about the audience response; instead I do it for my own satisfaction. I do complete justice to the expressions of the artist in me.”

This man with thriving energy is busy with the pre-production work of his next film.

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nice anjana..:)
Maya, on Jul 13, 2012 11:57:47 AM
I want to buy a DVD copy of this (Byari Movie), can any one let me know where I can get this. I stay in Bangalore.
Bluesean, on Oct 14, 2012 10:18:50 AM
We have asked our community on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/yentha . We will also check from our sources. Thanks for writing in.
Team Yentha, on Oct 14, 2012 12:57:25 PM
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