IFFK 2014: Those Forgotten Trivandrum Lodges
Mute and forlorn but this is where all the action is in December | Photos by Akhil Rajaratnam
On Dec 17, 2014


These images stay with most out-of-town delegates. These mute strangers become bosom pals over the festival week.

Their walls hear many stories. Their windows echo many dreams. Their beds keep a close watch on each heart beat.

It's just these walls, windows and beds like their Decembers. Rest of the year, they lead ordinary lives. The festival week is when these buildings open their windows and doors and welcome everyone. There is excitement in every step, each staircase and every turn. There is intrigue in every conversation. There is opportunity in every look.

Though strange as it may sound, these muted walls and windows become every delegate's best place under the sun in the festival city. The Trivandrum Lodge certainly holds its place in the festival. Just that we forget to look their way!

Photos by Akhil Rajaratnam

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