IFFK 2014: Quick Takes - Small Theatres For Big Films
The allocation of films seems to be confusing many | Akhil Rajarathinam
On Dec 19, 2014


The theatres being selected for critically apraised films seem to be the smallest. While many of the big theatres are screening films which don't attract many. This seems one of the reasons that has created the issues in theatres.

Films of renowned directors like Kim Ki Duk are being screened in theatres having 200 seats. The film “”Hope” was screened in New Screen-2 having 200 seats while at the same time New Screen-1 has almost 600 seats where some screenings were in front of vacant seats.

The screenings at Kairali, Nila and Sree were popular though seats in all three are limited. Maybe time officials thought through this. 
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