IFFK 2014: Interviw With Sajin Baabu, Director - 'Unto The Dusk'
Film selected for the competition section of IFFK 2014 | Text and photo: Akhil Rajarathinam
On Dec 12, 2014


'Unto The Dusk' has been screened in almost all the prominent festivals around the country. So, what’s the director’s word to the audience waiting for the film?

'Unto The Dusk' is the result of a three year old hard work of our team. We have tried a different approach towards the cinema, moving away from the conventional filming methods.

Almost all the crew members are new to the big screen. Was it deliberate?

Yes. We thought to create a fresh mood to the film. It's my first film. The lead actor, Sanal Aman was auditioned from 84 others and the cameraman, Karthik Muthukumar was auditioned from 22 others. The assistant directors have not yet worked with short films.

Where have you shot this film?

I am a person interested in trekking. So as the story developed the location was already in my mind. 50 % of the movie was shot in Peppara, Trivandrum. The film has almost 125 location shifts, mostly shot in the forests.

I have heard that the movie has only a few dialogues, and also the characters are nameless.  What all other differences have you introduced in the movie?

As I have already mentioned, we tried to do something different. Apart the ones you mentioned,  the film doesn’t have a background score. There is also no mention about the place or time in which the film is happening.

The film was screened in lot of festivals till now...

Yes, the film was screened at the Bangalore festival, Bombay festival and Goa film bazaar till now. It is about to be screened in the IFFK Competition Section. After that it will be screened in the Chennai film festival.

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Have you ever expected it will get such a good response in all the festivals?

Not at all. The responses have made the journey really exciting.

What about the controversy regarding the state award committee screening?

I had to send the film for consideration before the award committee, but even before watching the film they rejected the film. This information we got through an RTI which I was forced to file. Proceedings are going on regarding this issue.

As a beginner you might have struggled a lot. Anyone from the film industry who supported the film at any stage?

To be frank, no one supported and we are not expecting anyone to support us. If they support, we'll be happy. Even otherwise, no worries.

What about new project(s)?

The discussions are already in progress and soon we will proceed.

Being  a director born out of IFFK, what is your advice to all the budding young talents out there?

Dedicate hundred percent and work hard for your cinema. Never lose your passion.

Thanks for spending time with Yentha.com. Here is wishing you the best for all your future projects.

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