IFFK 2014: Improper Queue System
Queue system a failure in IFFK | Text and Photos: Akhil Rajarathinam
On Dec 16, 2014


The queue system in the 19th edition of the IFFK has turned out to be a miserable failure. The chaos created by the crowd of delegates in many of the theatres resulted in damages. The glass panes in front of New theatre were broken. The volunteers at the entry of each theatre are supposed to control the delegates before and after the shows. Even then, innumerable times, the crowd went out of control and quarrels arose at the theatre. Normally the queues begin one and a half hours before every screening. This made it impossible  for the delegates to attend consecutive screenings. The big crowd of delegates who were in queue for the Malayalam movie ‘Unto the Dusk’ at the New theatre broke the glass panes. What usually happens, is that, many queues suddenly dissolve and delegates rush to the theatre door creating the chaos.

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