IFFK 2014: Flick Pick - Day 3 - December 15
What to watch on the third day of the festival | Dr. Abraham K. George
On Dec 15, 2014


You need strength, lots of it, if you need to watch a film at this IFFK. An hour's head-start to be in a queue is not enough anymore. Times have changed!

Goodbye to Language, Godard's 2014 work, is easily one of this festival's most awaited films. With only one screening mentioned so far, there is no doubt all roads will lead to Dhanya theatre at 9 a.m. This 3D film has garnered great reviews in the international circuit. Se it to experience it.

Mateo by Maria Gamboa is a Colombian film and tells the story of a young man in an  extortion gang and his experiences when he joins a local theatre group run by a priest.

Bird People has had critics going for and against it and is about two strangers who try to bring order to their separate lives.

Theeb is an adventure film shot in Jordan and tells about a young Bedouin boy who tries to survive the odds among potential enemies.

Stations of the Cross, a Brueggmann film, is about a teenager who is convinced she has to follow Christ's path. This film has won quite a few awards in films festivals worldwide. 

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Wild Tales is a humorous film you are bound to enjoy. It consists of six separate stories about vengeance.

Leviathan is one of the most talked about films in the international film festival world and is being screed at the Nishagandhi open-air theatre at 7 p.m.

One-on-One, being a Kim Ki Duk film, and knowing the Keralite's obsession with this Korean director, there is no doubt New Theatre will be a place of push-and-shove.

Bethlehem is the story of an unlikely friendship between an Israeli Secret Service officer and his Palestinian informant. The film won the Best Film, Director, and Screenplay at the Israeli Awards.

Other films to look out for today:
Meetings With a Young Poet
Beatriz's War
Flights of Fancy
and Two Days, One Night

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