I (Tamil): A Complete Romantic Thriller For All - Film Review
Shankar has given his best, raising the film to a different high | Akhil Rajarathinam
On Jan 14, 2015


Expectations were at its peak as ‘I’ was the most awaited movie of this year. “I” from the Anniyan duo was about to hit the theatres. Shankar has done justice to the expectations by giving a complete romantic thriller to keep all types of viewers satisfied.

Shankar hired the best which seems to have resonated in the film. “I” is more than three hours’ and still it won’t make you feel like getting up leaving at any point. Nor does it lag. Apart from all the elements, the real show-stealer was Chiyaan Vikram with his amazing acting in all the three avatars, arguably marking it one of his best characters ever. Apparently, he overcame physical difficulties to deliver this film.

Vikram plays Lingesan, a Chennai based body builder who is a diehard fan of model, Diya, played by Amy Jackson. At a certain point in their lives, Lingesan meets Diya, and the plot develops as they fall in love. If one were to give out more details it could kill audience interest. Amy Jackson also played her role beautifully although there are some obvious flaws.

Another highlight of the movie is the music by A R Rahman. Shankar has visualized the songs beautifully and P C Sreeram captured the shots beautifully, especially the song sequences at the lovely Chinese locations. The first half is colourful with romantic sequences, while the second half makes it a thriller. As the movie develops, we would appreciate the tit8le “I” as it is quite an apt title for the film.

The whole cast including Santhanam, Ramkumar Ganeshan, Upan Patel performed their roles perfectly well. Even before the release of the film there were rumours regarding Suresh Gopi’s role in the film. Well, watch the film to check if the rumours were indeed true. Quite a surprise in store.

Don’t expect a movie with social message like Anniyan. Still this Shankar- Vikram duo promises a complete visual treat.

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