Food Corner: Voila! Turning Alfred Into A Sauce!
This recipe has a past(a). Quite an intriguing one at that. And please put on the music to enjoy the piece | Inconsistent Chef
On Mar 18, 2015


Once in two weeks I like to prepare any kind of pasta. I usually try to prepare it along with the spices and veggies that suit the South Indian palate. But there are days when I am lazy about that as well and just like to have a bowl of sautéed broccoli or a fresh salad bowl and a plate of pasta devoid of any Indian flavour. Comforting indeed a plate of carbs and some boiled and tasteless veggies!

I was totally inspired to do this on one such lazy day. I am glued to DownTown Abbey (DA) a soap that plays on one of the channels. It is indeed not something that everybody would enjoy…it’s all about the hierarchy between the aristocracy and their helpers or servants as they would like to call it those days. Loads of gossip, love, flirting (you heard me right), death, Spanish flu, family duties and great expectations amongst both the upstairs and the downstairs.

The last episode saw the unravelling of Gay/homosexual feelings of one of the domestic helpers, Thomas. And that touched me deeply. During those days it was a huge sin amongst them and they were considered as people consciously working against nature and God! Thomas enacted that scene so flawlessly that I could feel his pain. Finally when he sensed that, somebody was reciprocating his feelings rather he was tricked into thinking that somebody was responding to his harmless flirting, he was caught red-handed by one of the newest staff Alfred, who was brought in by his aunt (who is the villain in DA and a malicious person in this soap).

It was she who led Thomas into believing that another staff (male) was interested in him. So now everything lay in her nephew, Alfred’s hands and with her guidance Alfred is out there spilling the beans- the biggest sin and crime of those days to the other staff…

I am angry with Alfred as it is so unfair to judge a person’s sexuality or his/her affinity towards the same gender. So I am turning Alfred into a sauce!!! Alfredo sauce it is! With an Italian twist!

To be honest, there is no connection between the sauce and this story. I have just concocted it to get back at Alfred and his aunt! My mind is at peace now!

Throw in the pasta of your choice in boiling water sprinkled with a little bit of salt and olive oil and cook until al dente. Do not overcook. Drain and run some tap water over the drained pasta and set aside. I have used a mix of two pastas as I had some left over opened packets.

In a skillet, add about three tablespoons of unsalted butter, as it melts add in two to three tablespoons of flour whisking it throughout. Then add in a quarter cup of parmesan cheese. Do keep in mind that the parmesan cheese is salty hence salt must be carefully adjusted throughout especially when the water is boiling for the pasta to cook in, while adding salt to the final pasta dish etc.

Continue to whisk, it gets quite thick by now, slowly drizzle in cream about half a cup whisking through ensuring there are no lumps of the flour. Crush fresh pepper over it, shredded garlic, sprinkle in some Italian seasoning for flavour and chilly flakes which is optional. Once you get such a nice thick sauce, switch off the flame. The Italian seasoning actually adds the ultimate kick to this sauce. You can make it creamier by adding more cream, I have used less.

To this sauce which is the Alfredo Sauce (My version of Downtown Abbey’s character Alfred in a sticky sauce, I think I will throw his aunt in a hot cauldron along with something else in another recipe).

Once the sauce has come together, add in your drained Pasta. Do taste before adding any extra salt). Garnish with freshly ground pepper or some more Italian seasoning or any herbs of choice.

Inconsistent Chef' is a food blogger who shares her personal experience of cooking traditional and fusion dishes using ingredients available in India. Some of her dishes are outrightly native, while some are exotic and brings in elements from different continents and cultures. The accent here is on the experience of conjuring up a dish - the texture, colours, flavours and their play on the palate. The presentation of recipes is unique that there is no need for measuring cups or quantities. It's measuring by your senses and getting it right by sheer instinct.

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