Food Corner: Tofu Stuffed Rotis With Egg Roast
I usually like to hide some veggies within the cavities of my stuffed rotis/ parathas…and it’s always a conscious effort from my part says our Inconsistent Chef
On Jul 13, 2012


 I have this devilish grin when I do so, because it’s always the veggies that my sons detest that I try to hide. That’s always my challenge…I must feed them the very stuff that they abhor. I am not a unique parent who does this; I  am sure that some of you who read this may relate with me or perhaps you were one of those child victims. (My devil’s horns pop out as I grin evilly, rubbing my hands in glee).



I do it in two ways - either stuff them or puree something and combine it or knead it into the dough.




This is a surefire recipe that always comes out well. The recipe is clear from the pictures and hence I am not going into the specific details of the roti.



I made this batch of stuffed rotis to pack for a friend who had visited us, spent two days with us and was now taking a late night train back to his wife and kids. I also kept in mind that it was Father’s Day and made it special for him although he wouldn’t even have realised it, like most absent minded fathers.


So, to go with the rotis I made an egg roast. I boiled a few eggs and set them aside. In a skillet, I drizzled in a tsp of oil, spluttered a tsp of mustard seeds, ginger-garlic paste, sauteed some sliced onions till they became translucent, then added in sliced tomatoes with a tsp of turmeric powder.


As they turned mushy, I added in my store bought egg roast masala powder/mutton masala for extra spice and stirred them all well until the raw smell of the spice left the skillet. I then added in a tsp of pepper powder and adequate salt with fresh curry leaves.  I made three gashes or incisions on each side of each egg and slid them into this masala that was being sautéed. It was a conscious decision to keep the dish as a dry, non-gravy dish since I didn’t want it to be a messy affair, especially on a train journey.


Do check for seasoning and add/reduce accordingly. I arranged all this neatly in a disposable container for our friend to gobble down at dinner time. If someone were to pack stuff for me like this, I would have spent all my time travelling to and fro. But then, in my case…I have  to do it all on my own.



Chooooooo…Chooo, I can almost smell the joy of travel and that egg roast in the air.



'Inconsistent Chef' is a food blogger who shares her personal experience of cooking traditional and fusion dishes using ingredients available in India. Some of her dishes are outrightly native, while some are exotic and brings in elements from different continents and cultures. The accent here is on the experience of conjuring up a dish - the texture, colours, flavours and their play on the palate. The presentation of recipes is unique that there is no need for measuring cups or quantities. It's measuring by your senses and getting it right by sheer instinct.


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