Food Corner: Not So Crispy Yet Crumbly Karachi Biscuits!
Our Inconsistent Chef is back ... this time the chef has mixed life and cricket into baking some Karachi biscuits. Like some of you, she had not tasted these crispy Karachi biscuits earlier!
On Feb 20, 2015

I seriously don’t know how I disappeared from posting recipes here. I ask myself whether it was personal or just an excuse from being prompt every week with a leaf and a recipe from my life.

To get myself to sit at a place in a disciplined manner is so not me! Yes I am disciplined but am all over the place with my writing, chatting, baking, cooking for the Mister, beading, grocery shopping, basking in the sun for my Vitamin D, travelling, exercising…Yeah Yeah you heard that right! Anyway I am back and I do hope you are glad!

Just got back from a short trip home which left me pondering over the raw realities of life thrown my way. I understood the unfairness of life in relationships. The truth is that it left me less calm and more diplomatic. Diplomacy is so hard for me and I think it truly is an art. I am learning it the hard way! Pakistan and India, hats off!!!

Despite the odds, I have a recipe for you, a colourful and crunchy one I must admit! A recipe on Karachi biscuits have come to my rescue this time. Owing to my travel, I have lost count of the bake along that we are on and I am jumping the sequence, the link will be provided herewith. Our teacher and friend put across this recipe for that week’s bake along assignment and everybody sprung into a bake mode once the recipe was out, at least the consistent ones. It was Karachi biscuits bombarding the Fondbitesbakealong group!

Have I eaten a Karachi biscuit? Well, let me tell you a secret…a couple of years ago, somebody close to us presented me with a lovely box of these Karachi biscuits straight from the bakeries of Hyderabad! Sigh! When I saw all those pictures of the disco lit Tutti-frutti in the biscuits on the box, I knew I wasn’t going to have it all on my own and I passed it on to my in-laws as I was visiting them the next day. I know for sure that they would have distributed to their guests as there’s always somebody visiting them. A job well done I must say in getting others to consume them, so the answer to that question is, “No I haven’t had one and am just about to find out how it tastes!”

So hop along! Let’s find out how to make these Drop Dead Gorgeous Looking Cookies:

Three cups of All Purpose flour or Maida was tossed about with half a tsp. of salt and half a tsp. of baking powder. Whisk them all about. To this floury mix, throw in 100 g of tutti-frutti, zest of an orange, a cup of broken and chopped cashew nuts. Whisk them in such a way that each of the fruit and nut is coated thoroughly with the flour (It almost reminded me of the games we’ve played as kids hiding a sweet or a coin in the flour and extracting it out with our teeth with our hands tied behind and our noses and nostrils filled with flour…I played them later on at the parties I threw for my students when I tutored them).

In another bowl beat in 350 g of softened butter. Beat it till it is light and fluffy. To this add in a cup and a half of icing sugar and beat that in till you attain a nice creamy mix. Add in a tsp. of vanilla essence and a quarter cup of orange juice. Beat them all well.

To this mix fold or beat in the floury mix that you set aside. I did add a few pitted and finely chopped dates. The dry fruits that you add is solely to your discretion. You could mix and match. Remember the more colours you add the prettier these biscuits look. Other than the 100 g of Tutti-frutti, you can add another cup of dry fruits/nuts as per your choice.

With the doughy biscuit batter almost combined, spread them out on a cling wrap into two separate logs as you will get almost two logs and shape them individually like a cuboid. Tighten the ends of the wrap as one would a candy/sweet. These have to be refrigerated for almost two or more hours or even kept overnight. This is done so that the next day they can be easily sliced into rectangles of a cm thickness or a typical Karachi biscuit shape and placed on a cookie tray in which a parchment paper/silicone mat is spread out. Ensure that you space out the cookies on the tray.

This then goes into a pre heated oven, the temperature set to 180 degrees C and baked for about twenty minutes or until the sides crisp and brown like a biscuit. Take them out, allow them to cool on a wire rack and later store in air tight containers.

Notes: - I must admit that mine turned out more like a cookie cake than it did as a crispy biscuit.

As an afterthought, I personally feel there were a couple of reasons to this-My oven might have been too hot when I placed them in (not the right temperature setting?)

It sat a while longer than usual outside when the oven was preheating, I should have placed them right back into the fridge after slicing them through. Took the risk of slicing them further down in thickness.

Although I did place them apart from each other on the baking tray, they started to spread out and crossed each other. I was forced to cut them neatly once again after they were baked but it was crumbly.

Wondering if I went wrong in any of the measurements while putting them together! GULP! Indeed a recipe for disaster.

Nevertheless, it did not lag behind in taste. I believe when we are cut of adversity, there is indeed a moment of triumph. I think I will crumble them over some custard.

Hence plastering a brave and smiling face, here are my not so crispy yet crumbly Karachi biscuits! But am positive you guys would do a perfect job! Happy Baking!
This link (my teacher’s) can perhaps help you: http://www.fondbites.com/bake-along-59-karachi-biscuits/

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