Food Corner: Lamingtons On Mother’s Day
Our possessive Inconsistent Chef just got better at making Lamingtons. Lament she does but she does Lamingtons better!
On May 14, 2014


It was Mother’s Day and I was more than happy that my boys called and texted me. I was lamenting the whole day whether they would remember me in the midst of their exams and other assignments, but my little gentlemen did. Thank you sweethearts if ever you read this. Personally I believe everyday ought to be celebrated as Mother’s Day. I can’t even describe in words the manner in which I multitask.

As I was lamenting and almost cursing my husband that they too would forget important dates and birthdays just like him, their diligent calls proved me wrong. All that lamenting brings me back to the part where I had baked Lamingtons. A truly exotic yet simple Australian dessert! I have never been to Australia but Australia just came to me through these beauties!



I was expecting one of my teenage buddies with his wife and kid to perhaps visit me as they were travelling via my state. He had called me the previous week saying that he is in town en route to another destination and on holiday with the family, he would try to visit me on his return. I thought it was so perfectly timed with the challenge we had with the Bake Along group that I am a part of. I thought I would surprise his daughter with two of my bakes.


Well guess what he didn’t turn up as they had overslept at the hotel they were put up and it was almost time for them to pack their bags and catch their flight back home.  In fact I had packed a few for him to take back to Kerala as well. But that’s Ok, these things happen. So buddy if you are reading this, I perfectly understand and am so happy that you were able to bond with your family. I loved most of the pictures you shared and I thought it was documented quite well. So much for technology! There’ll always be a next time…



I am not lamenting about his not visiting me, somehow I feel good when others partake in the food I make or bake. To make me feel good, the husband downed a few already and told me that it was like having one of those beautiful bakes abroad. That actually brought a huge smile and a laugh from me as I saw him hog one after the other. Although he wanted only the plain ones, the moment he tasted the chocolate coated ones rolled in coconut he couldn’t resist having more.

I thoroughly enjoyed baking these along with our teacher. You will get the detailed recipe with pictures on Fondbites Bake along.

We will jump to the recipe now so don your aprons and get ready to get all messed up. Preparing Lamingtons is indeed a messy affair!




Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius. Line and Butter a 9“square pan to bake the lamingtons in. Beat half a cup of unsalted butter which is at room temperature in a bowl such that there are no lumps formed. To this add a cup of sugar and beat it on a medium high speed till it is nice, creamy, pale and fluffy. Two eggs are to be incorporated to this creamy mixture beating each egg well after each addition. A tsp. of vanilla essence is also added.

Sift a cup and a half of all purpose flour (APF) along with a quarter tsp. salt and one and a half tsp. baking powder and add this to the creamy mixture in parts alternating between the flour and half a cup of milk. Do not over beat or over mix the batter.

Pour this batter into the buttered and prepared baking pan. Once the batter has been spooned in, tap the pan lightly and ensure that it is evenly spread in the pan and then place it into the preheated oven for nearly 30 to 40 minutes until the cake has baked or a skewer when inserted comes out clean.


Place the square cake on a cooling rack and allow it to cool. Once cooled, cling wrap the cake tightly and place it in the fridge as this helps to avoid crumbs while slicing the cake.


After it is taken out from the fridge one will notice how easy it is to slice through without any unwanted crumbs. Cut it to the desired number of pieces and start preparing the frosting if you wish to coat the bake with one, If you do not, then leave it like how I did a few as my husband was not too fond of the chocolate frosting and the excess icing sugar over this simple and soft bake.

I must admit that I did take a bit of the batter and added a tinge of pink food colour and poured it over the plain batter and with the help of a toothpick gave it a marble effect by running the toothpick in a zigzag manner over the plain batter. You can leave it plain. I had sliced them and placed them back on the rack.

For the Frosting three tablespoons of unsalted butter was melted and to it I whisked in 1/3 cup of cocoa powder, four cups of Icing sugar and ½ a cup of milk. Pour this frosting over the sliced pieces that are placed on the cooling rack under which you have placed a butter paper or newspapers as the frosting will drip over the pieces. This is the messy part. Ensure that all the six faces of your cubical lamington are coated well with the frosting.

Once the frosting is done roll each lamington in desiccated coconut once again ensuring that all the sides are dusted well with the desiccated coconut. This also adds to the mess but the final outcome is pure awesomeness! Biting through this dessert makes all the effort worthwhile!


Inconsistent Chef' is a food blogger who shares her personal experience of cooking traditional and fusion dishes using ingredients available in India. Some of her dishes are outrightly native, while some are exotic and brings in elements from different continents and cultures. The accent here is on the experience of conjuring up a dish - the texture, colours, flavours and their play on the palate. The presentation of recipes is unique that there is no need for measuring cups or quantities. It's measuring by your senses and getting it right by sheer instinct.

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