Fireman; A Mammootty Show All The Way: Film Review
If you can neglect the clichéd hero-oriented narration, then ‘Fireman’ is a watchable affair says Aswin
On Feb 19, 2015


Let’s get this straight. The fire brigade of our state does a great job and saves a lot of lives all year around. They really do deserve more accolades for their heroics and sacrifice.

Now coming to Deepu Karunakaran’s dramatically titled ‘Fireman’, as a tribute to the entire fire force of Kerala is an appreciable effort. But as far as a movie goer is concerned, it is not quite enough.

Consider the first half of this clichéd tale of a ‘man on a mission’. If you take out all the slow-mo shots of firemen (mostly Mammootty) carrying out their job and melodramatic score in the background, it is kind of a documentary on how to handle an explosive ‘gas-tanker’ situation.

A lot of details on the risk involved are discussed, starting from the basic properties of LPG to how it spreads across a large area within no time. Obviously Fireman Vijay (Mammootty), being the most brilliant and courageous government official around, is the only one having any idea on how to handle the grave situation.

The tale takes a dramatic twist in the second half. ‘Fireman’ turns into an investigation thriller. Here too, even though the whole police force is involved, Fireman Vijay seems to be the only one with ideas or making any breakthroughs. The past of this man, with no fear whatsoever to face life threatening situations is never discussed.

Considering the brilliant intuition and exceptional investigative skills, which seems to be non-existent in police officers in the movie, he must have been an intelligence agent in a different life! 

The measure of foolish behaviour on display, at times, by certain characters is questionable.  Also the question of how there is always a cliff available, in movies, for the criminal to kill themselves before being captured, still exists.

Actors don’t have a lot to do apart from looking concerned always. Mammootty does a walk in a park as Fireman Vijay, one who saves the day and hogs all the glory. The only relevant lady involved is the Police Commissioner of the city - Nyla Usha who handles her role well. Salim Kumar looks uneasy in a surprising role. All the others including Unni Munkundan have done their parts pretty well.

Nevertheless, mostly due to the inherent tension involved in the situations, Deepu Karunakaran’s flick has enough to thrill you. Since there is a lot of fire and explosion involved, the movie has a lot of VFX scenes. But most of it looks unreal.. The absence of songs is a great relief as far as recent thrillers are concerned.

If you can neglect the clichéd hero-oriented narration, then ‘Fireman’ is a watchable affair.

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Excuse me!!! Have u really seen d film??? Ur review is just rubbish...nothing else....d only true thing u 've said here was d 1st paragraph
VP Fawas, on Feb 21, 2015 10:32:03 PM
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