Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu(Malayalam); Goes Out Of Control And Fails; Film Review
In the title credits, a cartoon video, the cartoon counterparts of movie characters chases a goat and finally falls off a cliff. That sums up the movie | Aswin
On Feb 06, 2015


Think about  blowing air into a balloon. You have a great balloon and you are inflating it. The balloon gets bigger and more beautiful. Its fun to watch it grow into a beautiful thing. But when it reaches a particular point you have to stop blowing air into it. Otherwise it will burst and it’s not funny anymore.

Unfortunately that is what has happened to directorial debut of Midhun Manual Thomas, ‘Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu’. It had a really interesting cartoon tale(something straight out of ‘Balarama’ or ‘Kalikuduka’) context. Midhun etched some amusing characters with peculiar past and names, just like in that you see in a comic book. He then set the black humour laced satire in a far off countryside, a high range area in Idukki.

That sounds like fun, and it is for at least half of the total duration. Alas! a movie can’t run solely on highly stylized characters and slap-stick comedy, the standard of which falls as the movie moves forward.

The first half or, lets say, the better half is the perfect comic book tale with lots to laugh about. Actors, except for Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas, does a neat job playing their peculiar parts. They have tried their level best, especially Jaysuriya. One has to feel for him. He has been, for sometime, graciously accepting experimental ventures most of  which are failing to make a mark.

The story starts in Bangkok where a gangster is ill and sends his trusted henchman to get an elusive medicine to cure his illness. Back in Kerala, in the high range village Pattithanam, Shaji Pappan(Jaysuriya) along with his gang wins a tug-of-war contest. Along with the usual prize, they also get a goat which eventually gets them into deep trouble.

How they get into trouble and finally comes out of it is what you see onscreen. Midhun Manuel has used some of the recent hot topics of debate in Kerala to create hilarious situations in a stylized manner all the way till the end. But it starts falling apart halfway into the tale. The jokes get dull and predictable. Characters starts to become monotonous. Plot goes out of control and climaxes in an awkward manner, leaving the crux portion of the plot unanswered.

‘Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu’ was a highly anticipated one due to it’s peculiar context and also it was the directorial debut of Midhun Manuel Thomas who co-scripted last year’s super hit ‘Om Shanthi Oshana’. But it has turned out to be disappointing.

In the title credits, in a cartoon video, the cartoon counterparts of movie characters chases a goat and finally falls off a cliff. That sums up the movie. Midhun Manuel Thomas, better luck next time!

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