Yodha To Edavapathi -Unnikuttan Returns To Sizzle
Child actor ‘Unnikuttan’ of ‘Yodha’ fame is doing the lead role in Lenin Rajendran’s new film 'Edavappathi' | Anjana George
On Mar 21, 2012

The cute little boy, Unnikuttan who took Malayalees to the hills of Kathmandu in Yodha is now back in Mollywood with his charming smile in Lenin Rajendran’s new movie ‘Edavapathi’ as a monk.

27 year old Siddharth Lama, fondly called ‘Akkosotto’s Unnikuttan’, is now the General Secretary of D-Care Foundation, an NGO in Nepal that works against the ill-effects of drug abuse among youth. He is also the author of a book on ‘Drug and Drug Addiction’ and Member Secretary of Nepal’s National Sports Council.

“I cannot believe that people over here still remember me. I never knew that I was so famous in a faraway land. Santhosh Kumar, a teacher from Kerala and passionate fan of 'Yodha' found me in Nepal while visiting the locations of the film.”

Siddharth found it difficult to believe that even after 19 years Malayalees carry ‘Rimpoche’ in their heart. Santhosh Kumar refreshed the memories of Keralites by posting Lama’s picture in a social networking site.



“After Santhosh located me I got more than 5,000 fans on FaceBook. Slowly, I realised that I am a star!”

‘Rimpoche’ has already made a mark in Nepali movies. He was a hero in a feature film and two short films in the past 3 years.

“After ‘Yodha’ I did a couple of movies and then concentrated on my studies. I am a graduate in Management.”

Yubaraj Lama, father of the cuto ‘hero’ who appeared as a kidnapper in ‘Yodha’ is the one who introduced him to the world of films. He now works for the D-Care Foundation in Nepal.

“Even though I do not have any contact with any of those who worked with me in ‘Yodha’, my dad keeps in touch with Mohanlal through e-mail. Director Sangeeth Sivan and I interact through Facebook now.”


Siddharth Lama found ‘Rimpoche’ very cute and he appreciates the talent of Sangeeth Sivan in bringing his talent to screen without even realising that he was acting.

“The living god ‘Rimpoche’ in Yodha is a very ‘cute’ boy. ‘He has acted very well’. I liked Jagathy Sreekumar’s character, ‘Ambattan’ and the love sequences. I can recollect the shooting set where everybody used to pamper me. They used to pat on my head. I never realised that I was acting, I only followed the instructions given by Sangeeth Sivan - ‘look this side, look that side.”

In ‘Edavapathi: No Man’s Land’, Lama is a monk who is in search of his home and his existence. The movie deals with an international subject which explores the story of a group of people with no land - The Tibetans. Actress Manisha Koirala is also doing a lead role in this film.

“I feel lucky to work with the Malayalam film industry. Everyone is very supportive. Initially I found difficulty in understanding Malayalam. Now I can speak a few words in Malayalam.”


Sidharth Lama in 'Yodha' (Image Courtesy: tamiltorrents.net)


‘Akossoto’s Unnikuttan’ overwhelmed by the warmth of Malayalees hopes to act in more movies in Malayalam even though he has his hands full in his home country.

“My future plans will depend on how Malayalees will receive me. Whatever happens I am determined to learn Malayalam,” giggled Lama with his trademark charming smile of ‘Unnikuttan’.

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