Food Corner: Against The Odds -Tofu Butter Masala
Falling in love is easy but staying in love is something special. Similarly, you would love this special dish | Inconsistent Chef
On Apr 30, 2014

 Talk about he is the sprinkle on my sundae, the beat of my life, the flip to my flop…blah blah blah, Yup, am not going to get all mushy about him over a recipe by saying all that, but something beautiful and meaningful did take place over the past week. My husband and I got married again. Finally, I feel legally bonded to this beautiful person whom I have known more than half my life since our elopement.

In fact so many nice things happened over the past week…these days little things bring a smile on my face and even littler things bring the biggest frown as well!

Bonded with a few selected old friends, cooked and rolled cutlets with a good friend, took two youngsters out for dinner, did some crazy melt in the mouth cookies, had a cone ice cream after ages sitting by the beach while the husband and a family friend indulged in their boring politics!!! Dabbled in clay and made terracotta jewellery. Things moved at such a pace that a few of the recipes that I did cook and click got lost somewhere on my desktop. Time to get myself a manager!!!

Hence I decided to stick to one of our favorites at home-Tofu Butter Masala.

Diced the tofu and left them soaking in some milk to soften. Sliced two onions and made a smooth puree of two blanched tomatoes in my food processor.  Into a sauce pan, drizzled in oil and a little butter and to it I added the sliced onions, a tbsp. of ginger garlic paste and sautéed them about. I added a tsp of turmeric, a tbsp. of Kashmiri chilly, a tsp. of coriander powder, the paste of a handful of cashew nuts and stirred to combine. To this add the tomato puree and as it boils, slide in the diced and softened tofu. Add half a cup of water as well and close the lid to allow the spices to merge well.

Lift the lid after a while and add in adequate salt, sprinkle in crushed dry Kasoori Methi and a nice heap of garam masala, stir. With the lid open, add in a nice glug of fresh cream and stir it through as well. Taste and ensure that you get a mild spicy curry along with a whiff of that dry methi. Finish the dish with a bit more butter after all it is a Butter Masala dish and finely chopped cilantro.

Ta da! A nice spicy tofu butter masala is ready to be devoured and that’s one way I like to have it with my rotis and my grapes!

Many told us and a few cursed us into our young faces more than two decades ago that “Nothing lasts forever!” But we defied them…and we just proved them wrong! Falling in love is easy but staying in love is something special. Similarly, you would love this special dish from our kitchen. Yenjoy!
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