Om Shanthi Oshana (Malayalam) : Film Review
A feel good mass entertainer that would make the families happy | Subhash Sabu
On Feb 08, 2014


If the hallmark of the typical time pass entertainers of the late 80s and 90s were the terrific performances of some gifted actors, the likes of say, Oduvil Unnikrishnan, Kuthiravattom Pappu, Jagathi, Sreenivasan, etc. and the effortless dialogue delivering style of Sankaradi, Paravoor Bharathan and their likes, now that has taken alterations. With the list of actors belonging to that league getting constricted to a few like Sunil Sugatha, now-a-days these feel good films are characterised by a bit innovative and special treatments right from the time the title credits start rolling, featuring caricature like characters, impressive BG score, peppered with light doses of fantasy, sometimes mixed with adult humour. Om Shanthi Oshana is one of that kind, with the latter kind of humour lacking, making it an easy choice for the families. A simple, feel-good time pass entertainer it is!! Nothing more, nothing less! It is content wise lacking but appealing to the layman.

Well, coming to the cast, Nivin Pauly seems to be on a roll. His second release, in as many weeks, may go well with all types of audience. At a time when his ‘1983’ is getting superb reports, here comes another one. This may be probably one of the last releases for Nazriya, hope it does not go likewise.

Om Shanthi Oshana, is a female centric, romantic comedy film, with Nazriya narrating her story. We have seen films having many types of narration, like Danny, where the narration is with reference to historical events and the films where a mature voice , like that of Mamukkoya or Sreenivasan, narrates it from the past. But here, it is narrated through events that felt significant enough for a 15 year old, like the release of 'Niram' or the debut of Hrithik Roshan. Just like the hero becoming short of words to describe the heroine in films like ‘Thattathin Marayath’, here Nazriya is left with the task of describing her masculine hero. Nazriya seemed to be over-acting at the onset, but looked a bit better towards the fag end. Nazriya,as the school student Pooja, romances Nivin and the film is all about her attempts to impress her better half. Ranji Paniker was more than just okay as a debutant in his role as Nazriya's father Mathew. Aju Varghese has yet again got a role as Nivin's classmate, but one with no intentions to reconcile their differences. Vinaya Prasad plays Pooja's aunty, having no other job but that of making wine. Vijayaraghavan plays her expatriate husband, who makes a cameo appearance towards the climax, though a needless one. Vineeth sreenivasan and Lal Jose essay cameo roles, with Vineeth playing Pooja's lecturer at the medical college. The film did bring back some nostalgic memories of the early 2000s; watching films in VCRs, Shakthiman serial, Doordarshan programs,etc.

Vinod Illampally was good enough as the cinematographer in capturing the scenic beauty of Kottayam/Idukki. Back ground score by Shan Rahman was marvelous, to say the least. Music has nothing special to offer. Lijo Paul, the editor should have edited it better towards the end of the second half. The script is co-written by the director Jude Anthony Joseph himself along with Mithun Manuel Thomas, who is also credited with the story.

It is a decent watch for those who wish to chill out on a weekend, but not meant for those who opt for the best films of the year from theatre, and for those who demand content. Well done, Jude Anthony Joseph, as a debutant!!! Hope you better yourselves in future.



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Its a below average movie.Not a mass movie.
Kumar, on Feb 08, 2014 01:14:24 PM
it is a total family entertainer...nivin pauly kalakki..!!t
Jeevan Thomas, on Feb 08, 2014 03:48:38 PM
Nasrriya was top class .full comedy. So is nivin
Rakeshr, on Feb 08, 2014 05:05:22 PM
nivin has done a great job but nazriya was disappointing...
Jinu Thomas, on Feb 08, 2014 10:07:34 PM
Padam suppper. Full time entertainer.
Arun, on Feb 09, 2014 12:31:36 AM
It is a superb movie. Class acting by nazriya and nivin pauly. No boring moments at all, a full entertainer
Anand Vijay, on Feb 09, 2014 12:48:35 AM
Probably the best romantic comedy ever made in malayalam.
Tx, on Feb 09, 2014 08:21:28 AM
buddies,we hope for d best..... njgalitha "jos at thrissur" leku yathra thirikunu....{entha.com}wait for our cmts................
Bca.St Mary's Clg Tcr, on Feb 22, 2014 10:22:31 AM
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