Movie Review: Thattathin Marayathu (Malayalam)
A love story all right but a storyline that’s all too common and stale. But certainly a watch says Neil Xavier
On Jul 07, 2012

How crazy did the youngsters go with this romantic musical movie even months before its release! Their hearts sang thattathin marayathe penne to every other girl with a scarf over her head! Yesterday when I went for the opening day show, to my surprise there were many such girls in the audience and our hearts naturally sang aloud thattathin marayathe penne.

“If the movie comes out well call me or else you will find me hidden in a thattam,” is what Vineeth Srinivasan told me when I had a chat with him on his second directorial venture. So will he cover his head?

Thattathin Marayathu directed and written by Vineeth Srinivasan and produced by his father Srinivasan and actor Mukesh is a musical with romance all around it. Music by Vineeth’s close friend Shaan Rehman and cinematography by Jomon T John of Chapa Kurishu and Beautiful fame.

Story Line: An age old story of inter-caste love and issues that follow. But what makes Thattathin Marayathu stand out is the freshness in its presentation and its romance-ridden songs.


Cast and performance: Nivin Pauly plays the role of Vinod a collegian from an orthodox middle class Hindu family with communist leanings. Isha Talwar the female lead portrays Aayisha, an orthodox rich Muslim girl. Manoj K Jayan plays a friendly cop while Aju Varghese, Sunny Wayne and Manikkuttan are Vinod’s friends in the movie. Srinivasan plays the role of Ayisha’s father.


Nivin Pauly as Vinod is convincing but it seems as if Vineeth’s ghost has gone into him. Isha Talwar looks lovely but acting has nothing to do with looks! The real good performers in the movie are the songs and some silly lighter moments.


Music is quite mind blowing
Silly but interesting one-liners



It’s a teenager’s movie, the female lead has nothing to do or rather did nothing!
Not heart tugging. No emotions even in the end
A stale story


My take: Yes, you can watch it for sure. It’s about love and normally no one gets bored watching a love story. So Vineeth you may not have to go under a thattam!


Image Courtesy: nowrunning.com

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watched the movie just now. the hall was jam packed with college goers (sorry college bunkers!), loud applause for every punch lines, romantic songs and the movie was too good. a movie turns good when you dont think about the interval or other chores of your daily life. for the two and half hours i was fully immersed in the movie. though some may say that the concept was old, the concept of love is pre-historical, my dear pal..
Mahesh, on Jul 11, 2012 03:24:35 PM
First of all, lemme notice u the mistake in editing.Its written as `Chapa Kurishu`. But its `Chappa Kurishu`. That is, one `p` is missing :P I watched the movie and loved it very much . A simple but beautiful and memorable movie. And Mr. Neil Xavier, Ur dislikes are not appreciative as it is totally wrong !! Please don't try to put negatives in writing!! U can criticize but not for each n everything !! Am telling this in light of ur previous movie reviews. Don't feel bad as many of us who had read also felt like dis. Are u getting extra payment of negatives?? Anyhow, plz stop it yaar!!
Shankar, on Jul 11, 2012 10:57:45 PM
Good to see the disappeared comments! If the comments are in the process of removing, better remove the comment box first!
Shankar, on Jul 15, 2012 01:31:25 PM
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